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Dining dome from Toronto restaurant found floating in Lake Ontario

You can imagine how it will read in future textbooks: "The year is 2020 in Toronto. Residents have been sequestered in their homes for the majority of the past eight months due to a deadly virus, leaving only when absolutely necessary for provisions or to attempt to salvage what is left of their sanity with some basic human interaction."

"No one is permitted in an indoor public place without a face mask. Bars and restaurants can only be enjoyed outdoors, despite the elements, or in little sanitary plastic bubbles that seem more dystopian than futuristic."

The image accompanying the blurb will be that of one of a dining bubble miserably floating in Lake Ontario, having been blown there by a the autumn wind, crushing the plans of those hoping to leave the house and enjoy a meal out on a patio in single-digit temperatures.

And yes, the above image exists, with one Twitter user having caught the hilariously bleak sight on video last weekend.

The resident managed to whip out their phone as an outdoor dining dome from what is believed to be Against the Grain blew past in the strong winds last Sunday afternoon — before the season's first snowfall — and plunged itself into the freezing lake, a certain death.

"A dining dome just blew into lake Ontario," the user wrote, simply, before posting a second clip showing the dome fully submerging itself into the water with the caption "it's gone."

The videos have been watched thousands of times, with viewers finding them to be very representative of our current moment.

Some made some comments about who could have been in the dome when it blew away:

While others made a 2020 play on the Thunderdome song, a 1985 hit by Tina Turner:

The original poster added that the incident was sadly "the most excitement I've had in 9 months," and with everyone in the entire world having to forego travel, concerts, sports games, parties, and basically any plans we had for this year, we can definitely understand where they're coming from.

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