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This is where to get custom candy platters in Toronto

Halloween just ended, which means it's time for all of us to stress eat lots and lots of candy. If your stash is already running low and you're looking for a high end replacement, never fear: a Toronto company is now making the most epic, massive custom candy platters.

Cured Catering can make giant platters for any socially distanced occasion, and they don't just do candy. You can also order desserts, roses, sandwiches and charcuterie boxes from them.

But back to the candy: custom trays go for around $95, and you can choose up to 25 types of candy, chocolate and chips to build your platter, including sour keys, Jolly Ranchers, Twizzlers, Mars, Rolos, Sun Chips, Fun Dip, Fuzzy Peach, rainbow belts, Miss Vickies, Nerds, Cheetos and more.

They even have vegetarian options for their cheese boxes, and a vegan antipasto box option. They also do subscriptions, which range from $195 for assorted candy or chocolate boxes, to $550 for assorted charcuterie trays.

However, the people behind Cured Catering actually didn't start out doing cheese trays and candy platters at all; they had originally been in the poke business.

Partners Aliza Devenyi and Zoe Wisenberg first opened Lawai'a Poke at King and Bathurst four years ago and experienced success with catering and office orders.

When clients demanded more varied offerings than just seafood, the pair started catering charcuterie boards and the like for a similar crowd out of the same space.

Then, when the pandemic hit, all their staff asked to be let go so they could collect CERB, and all their on-site tables and private events were cancelled.

"A couple of weeks went by and we had a couple of our corporate clients reach out to us that they want to send something to all of their employees who were now working from home," says Devenyi.

"So we started to reach out to our suppliers and start making smaller personal sized items. Once we began promoting these on Instagram it kind of took off in a way we never expected."

It wasn't long before the two had to decide between the floundering brick and mortar poke restaurant and their expanding new business.

"On one hand we had this restaurant we couldn't get anyone to work at, and on the other hand, we had this booming catering company we had no space for. This resulted in us having to shut the doors of our restaurant and find a new space to facilitate catering," says Devenyi.

"We then decided to completely pivot and look for a bigger location, we launched our online store for ordering. We are so excited about all of these new opportunities and the future looks bright."

They're constantly adapting, trying to come up with new and creative options for socially distanced gatherings and Zoom parties.

So if you've been looking for individualized picnic packs, matching snacks for a virtual party, or just feel like you need some sweetness in your life on a regular basis, you might want to check out this online shop.

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