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Toronto restaurant under investigation for hidden camera in bathroom

Toronto police said they are investigating a case after a 20-year-old international student reported that her employer had allegedly been spying and recording her in the bathroom.
The woman, who requested to remain anonymous, claims on Sept. 3 she was working at Mi Ne Sushi at 325 Bremner Blvd. near the Rogers Centre.

According to the woman's claim, she arrived early for her shift one day to change into her uniform. While she was in the bathroom, she says she noticed a phone lodged into the exhaust fan in the ceiling and climbed up to reach for it.

After retrieving it, the woman claims she found that the phone was actively recording and that there were six videos in total, two of which were recordings of the her changing her clothes while she was unaware. 
“I only saw two of them and it was all me. I was so scared so I tried to erase everything off the phone,” she alleges.

mine sushi toronto

The bathroom at Mi Ne Sushi showing the location of the exhaust fan. Photo provided.

The woman said she recognized the phone as belonging to the owner and claims she saw pictures of him with his wife and dog, and then took the phone to the owner’s wife who tried to calm her down.

She said the owner and his wife tried to convince her that the phone was placed there by a customer by accident. 
“She was trying to force me to believe it… and it didn’t make sense to me,” she alleges.
Toronto police confirm to blogTO there is a police report on file and an active investigation is currently ongoing. Due to COVID-19, the forensic investigation could take up to six to eight months.
The woman claims she has been suffering flashbacks of the incident since it occurred and can no longer use public washrooms.

She now has a new job where she is required to clean bathrooms before closing, but says she is no longer able to do it.
Mi Ne Sushi did not respond to a request for comment.

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