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Toronto restaurant now lets you eat outdoors around a fire pit

Toronto restaurants have been innovating with heated patios as colder weather hits and indoor dining remains temporarily closed, but one spot has a blazing fire pit surrounded by camp tents.

Fet Zun is one of Rob Wilder and Anthony Rose's restaurants, and with their signature good cheer and creativity the pair have taken even the toughest of situations in stride. They've created tent-like pods open to the fire's heat but closed to rain from above, and have blankets on hand.

"We came up with the idea because we had to. We always envisioned something like 'Fet Zun Camp' in the back and the time was ripe for it. 
Inside dining was never something we wanted to do during COVID. All our restaurants are quite fortunate to have patios and covered patios at that," says Rose.

"Each space is its own little tented off area separated from the next. 
If it's not in a tent then it's a minimum of six feet apart from the other tables. We have some electric heaters, some propane heaters, lotsa blankets and a few fire pits. We also cook on the fire pits during the day. The response has been tremendous."

The negative has been turned into a positive for Fet Zun with ingredients like eggplant, lamb and cabbage now cooked over the open fire. Rose and Wilder's other restaurants also have heated patios, and Rose points out that open air dining has been a long-held tradition in other parts of the world.

"Fat Pasha is humming along as is with its covered patio and heaters. 
It's really up the guest at this point," says Rose. "So many areas around the world enjoy open air dining during the winter. We can only provide creature comforts and novel ideas. But patio-loving Toronto has to dress warm and be prepared with layers of clothing and an imagination."

He also says that even at temperatures continue to nosedive, food lovers will still be able to find comfort at Fet Zun. 

"Also in the works are some changes at Big Crow as we turn it into 'Big Crow Chalet,'" says Rose. "We are taking down the front wall for the winter. Usually it only comes down for the summer months but for a patio it needs to be completely open air and just covered. With heaters and blankets and snuggles this is going to be great."

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