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Toronto Chinese restaurant famous for its lobster closes

The debate over who does the best Chinese-style lobster in Baldwin Village is over. 

After months of closure, Hua Sang Cantonese Seafood Restaurant — one of Baldwin's longest-running spots for two-for-one lobster — is now permanently shuttered. 

The subterraneous spot at 43 Baldwin Street had been temporarily closed "due to the rapid progression of COVID-19," says a sign on their door that was posted well before Toronto began reopening for Stage 3. 

"Hope to see you all very soon!" says the sign. "Keep your community safe and clean! Let's fight the spread of COVID-19 together!" 

There's been no update since then: Hua Sang's phone line is now disconnected and the property seemingly remains lifeless. The space the restaurant occupies is now for lease.

Meanwhile, Hua Sang's longtime lobster adversary Wah Sing is back with its BOGO crustacean deal at 47 Baldwin Street, so they've won the decades-old rivalry — but only by default.

It appears Hua Sang has tapped out, and it has taken its scallion and ginger lobster with it. 

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Timothy Brian

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