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Toronto Police are cracking down on crowded bars and restaurants this weekend

With much of Ontario moving into Stage 3 of the government's economic reopening process today, there's definitely some confusion out there over which social distancing rules still apply.

To be clear, almost all of them: Even with indoor and outdoor gathering limits expanded to 50 and 100 people respectively, all Ontario residents must maintain a two-metre distance from those they don't live with and those who are not part of their 10-person social circle.

Toronto isn't even at Stage 3 yet, anyway, but the city is being squarely targeted this weekend nonetheless by police and bylaw enforcement officers.

"Given recent examples of bars in Toronto violating the restrictions set out in the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the AGCO, City of Toronto and Toronto Police will be teaming up to increase inspections of liquor licensed establishments in the city this weekend," announced the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Friday afternoon.

Those who've been following news of mass social distancing violations at King West bars in recent few weeks don't have to guess who they're talking about.

MARBLGoldie and other popular bars located within steps of each other along King West can likely be blamed for the crackdown, or rather, credited for forcing officers to take notice of what's become a dangerous situation.

MARBL in particular has come under fire over the past week after video footage emerged of people celebrating a birthday in too-close-for-comfort quarters.

The AGCO has already launched an investigation into the downtown restaurant, but some in the city are worried that the problem is much farther spread than what we've seen on Twitter.

Should this be the case, a whole lot of bars and restaurants could land themselves some steep fines this weekend when the city and police go out in full force to inspect suspect establishments.

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