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Teen dresses up as old lady and buys booze from the LCBO in viral TikTok

While COVID-19 policies in indoor public spaces are helping to ensure public health and safety, we're all adapting to a new normal that includes things like donning a face covering whenever we leave the house.

And while we're learning to perfect the smize instead of the smile, and to perhaps speak a little louder than usual, some of us are also discovering a certain appeal that comes with partially hiding our identity.

Take, for instance, the Sault St. Marie teen who used a mask as part of a disguise to make herself appear like an elderly woman in order to buy alcohol from the LCBO last week.

In a viral TikTok video, the 18-year-old is seen entering into two LCBO locations after friends help her dress in an old lady's getup that includes a headscarf, glasses, latex gloves and a face mask to help hide her actual age.

The teen successfully manages to trick employees into thinking she's far beyond her years, leaving the stores with an entire slab of Twisted Teas and a 26er of vodka (which she later dances with to celebrate) while Lil' Jon's "Drink" plays in the background.

The girl told CTV News that she was not only not asked for her ID, but was even offered help to carry the booze outside, looking like a senior citizen and all.

The LCBO clarified in a statement to the news outlet that staff are in fact allowed to ask shoppers to remove their face mask in order to verify age and identification.

"Our retail store teams are aware of this situation and will continue to work diligently to prevent the sale of beverage alcohol to minors," they said.

Hopefully, the widely-shared video won't set the stage for this already-popular TikTok challenge to catch on in Canada.

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