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Some of Toronto's favourite restaurants continue to reopen and people are thrilled

More and more restaurants are reopening for take out and delivery to the delight of loyal customers. 

Anne Sorrenti, owner of Oakwood Hardware, was compelled to open back up after the overwhelming support from her community.

"It was coming up to our year anniversary and people were reaching out on Facebook," she told blogTO. 

Other restaurants have had similar experiences. 

"It's been amazing! We were kind of in a panic to get it out on social media by Wednesday and we were sold out by [Thursday] morning for our take out," said Greta Solomon's owner Darlene Mitchell. 

"The response has been fantastic," said Todd Morgan of Maple Leaf Tavern in Leslieville.

And if you look at the comments on their social media many in Toronto are thrilled they can get their favourite meals again. 

"I can't wait for that burger!" wrote Heather McDougall on Maple Leaf Tavern's Instagram. 

"Glad I was able to place my order this morning! I can't wait for the weekend now," wrote Thomas Chanzy on Instagram about his recent Greta Solomon's order. 

"[This] is the best news I’ve heard for weeks!!!" wrote Sheena White in the comments of Oakwood Hardware's re-opening post. 

And while loyal customers are excited, the restaurants are equally pleased to be back in business.   

"We were put at a stand still and wondering when we're going to re-open," said Mitchell. 

Sorrenti could relate to the itching feeling. "This is my passion," she said. "We're so used to working that we were going crazy."

Maple Leaf Tavern, like many restaurants in the GTA, closed when the pandemic hit, but as bills accumulated Morgan was left with the question: "how do we keep going?" 

Each restaurant is doing their own thing to keep going. 

Maple Leaf Tavern is launching a to-go menu just in time for Mother's Day. 

"We're excited for this week's program [and] we're expecting a busy weekend," said Morgan. 

This weekend they're offering to-go meals, cocktails, beer and wine as well as prepare-at-home meal kits. And there are plans to expand their offerings. Morgan told blogTO about wine and cheese or beer and sausage pairings, online cooking tutorials and more. 

Meanwhile, Greta Solomon's and Oakwood Hardware are offering limited menus for Mother's Day as well as cellar and pantry items. 

"We're keeping it small and as local as possible," explained Sorrenti. "It's a hard decision to make and there's a lot of fear that you're gonna spend money that you won't see back. There's no way to guess from day to day."

However, everyone blogTO spoke to is hopeful that soon they'll be able to transition back into their usual dining experience. 

"We're all hoping to re-open and get back to a regular service," said Mitchell. 

"There's lots of fun things to do, but our model is built around offering a lively experience," Morgan said, musing about using their patio and creating a cantine style restaurant until they can open up indoor dining again.    

Sorrenti also hopes they'll be able to at least do patio dining this summer but regardless she's trying to stay positive like many other restaurants. 

"We don't know what's going to happen after we re-open. I don't know how long we're gonna be able to stay open and knock wood we can come out the other side much stronger [but] we're gonna do what we can to help where we can. I'm an optimistic person – it could be so much worse."

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