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Starbucks has opened its first pick-up location in Toronto and it's already controversial

A new Starbucks pickup-only location in Toronto may be convenient, but some people aren't loving how it's making it harder to use their trusty travel mugs.

An online petition that already has hundreds of signatures points out that with customers encouraged to use the Starbucks mobile app to pre-order their drinks for pickup at the futuristic new location, the option to have them served in reusable mugs feels discouraged.

"Instead of developing new business models that encourage wasteful practices, Starbucks needs to focus its efforts on reducing the amount of waste it produces," reads the petition. 

"Signing this petition will show Starbucks that its decision to prioritize consumer convenience over reducing pollution is out of sync with what consumers actually want."

A Recycling & Sustainability section of the Starbucks website states: "A lot of our customers are also working to reduce their own environmental impact even as we are.

"To help them help us, we offer a 10-cent discount in the company operated stores to encourage customers to use their own reusable mugs or tumblers for their beverages. Customers staying in a store can also request that their beverages be served in a ceramic mug where available."

Just last month, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced "a renewed focus on sustainability" for the company. 

"Back in 2008, Starbucks pledged to have 100% of its cups be either reusable or recyclable by 2015. More than a decade later, Starbucks continues to line its paper coffee cups with plastic, making them very difficult to recycle (most facilities won't)," reads the petition.

Apparently in 2017, Starbucks distributed 3.85 billion paper cups which can't be recycled in most places. 

"Customers can still order and pay in person, a company spokeswoman said in an email, 'but this is not the optimal experience for this store,'" reports Canadian Grocer. "However, that method allows consumers who want to bring a reusable cup for their drink to do so."

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