toronto christmas market 2019

10 festive foods you need to try at the Toronto Christmas Market

This year's Toronto Christmas Market is officially in full swing at the Distillery District, meaning baubles, twinkle lights, and — the best parts, IMO — festive foods. Revel in the light of the giant countdown sign and stuff your face with all your favourite market eats. Just be wary of lines. 

Here are some festive foods you need to try at the Toronto Christmas Market. 

Waffle cones

Get into the festive spirit with Wafel Bar's epic creations, all stuffed with holiday-apropos sweets like s'mores, cake pops, and gingerbread men.

Giant hand-rolled pretzels 

Pretzel Haus is doing humongous pretzels in all different flavours, from chocolate-dipped to cinnamon sugar-dusted ones.

toronto christmas market 2019
Fondu platters

Head inside the Cluny light tunnel, bedazzled with one trillion Christmas lights, for plates of chocolate fondu (or cheese, if you prefer). 

Chimney cakes

It's not a visit to the Christmas Market with a trip to Eva's Original Chimney for these sugary doughnut cones.

toronto christmas market 2019
Meat pies

You can find warm tourtieres (which are classic Quebecois pies typically served on Christmas Eve) stuffed with beef or pork, for that traditioanal feel.

Tornado potatoes

Kartoffel Haus' potatoes on a stick are one of the most glove-friendly snacks at the Market, which is perfect during sub-zero temps.

toronto christmas market 2019Grilled cheese

The lineup is almost always long, but it's worth it for an oozing paper-wrapped grilled cheese. The Hogtown version has bacon, too. 


Piping hot gravy poured atop fries and cheese curds: there's nothing more Canadian than devouring this French Canadian class in the winter.

toronto christmas market 2019Foot-long hot dogs 

Gather 'round the grill at Santa's BBQ that's cooking up foot-long hot dogs and German pork jerky. 

Mulled apple cider

Distillery coffee shop Arvo is running its Lil' Arvo stall for the first time ever, and they're offering some pretty sweet drinks, including mulled apple cider.

Lead photo by

Wafel Bar. Body photos by Fareen Karim. 

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