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Toronto bar lets a roll of the dice decide your drink order

In case you were wondering, yes, people still use Imgur. The latest viral craze on the image sharing site actually originates right here in Toronto. 

Storm Crow Manor has been serving their dice shots and burgers since they opened, but it appears the phenomenon is still new to some on the internet. 

The system involves rolling a die typically used for role playing games to leave the shooter you drink or the ingredients of your burger up to fate. For example: a Katnis Everdeen of creme de cacao and Frangelico. "Dungeon Burger" variables include a triple patty, Gruyere and deep-fried pickles.

When Eden Flynn posted about their experience on Imgur, the response the post got from those not familiar with the system was overwhelming, garnering hundreds of comments.

"I'm excited to see my post get so much attention; Storm Crow was amazing and I hope this attracts more attention to them," says Flynn. 

"A bunch of people saw it trending on Imgur and let us know," says Storm Crow Manor, who subsequently posted the content to their social media.

I need to go

As for the drinks and food themselves, it's more about the fun of the experience than any kind of outstanding artisanal cocktail.

"You don't go there for the food you go there for the gimmick," reads one comment on the Imgur post. Many of the shooters are just twists on standards, for example a Pickle Rick of Jameson and pickle juice that's basically a pickleback. 

"The shot was alright; standard Prairie Fire," says Flynn, who rolled a 1 ("Critical Miss!") and so did a shot of tequila and Tabasco.

Some on Imgur seem excited by the possibility of such a dining experience, while others aren't so enthused.

"Okay one of those shots ingredients just says ‘hate' and I need to try it," commented one person, while another commented, "This sounds like a terrible place to get food."

"$18 burger where the options cost extra? Fuck that noise," reads another comment, with someone else replying, "Toronto, man. Not a city for the faint of wallet."

When it comes to the menu, of course you don't have to obey the Lords of Chaos. For a small upcharge, feel free to pick any shooter or assemble any burger you like.

"In regards to the people who don't want to roll dice, I don't mind," says Flynn "I play D&D and other tabletop RPGs so I'm used to the dice not rolling the way I want them to."

Count yourself lucky that, if you live in a city like Toronto, you have the opportunity to take the wacky risk yourself. Of course, Vancouverites also have a chance to roll the dice seeing as Storm Crow and its nerdy menu originated there.

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Hector Vasquez

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