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10 restaurants to go to in Toronto if you hate cheese

It is possible to find restaurants in Toronto for people who hate cheese, even though a lot of us seem to have a Nardwuar-level obsession with the stuff. Catering to everyone from the slightly neurotic to the full-on lactose intolerant, it’s easy to order a meal free of cheese at these places.

Here are my picks for restaurants for people who just can’t stand cheese.

Five Points

The bare bones menu at this hot chicken stand inside Open House in Bloorcourt doesn’t have a hint of cheese on it, just fiery hot chicken with simple accompaniments like white bread, pickles, waffle fries and slaw.

Ghadir Fish

The main event at this Lawrence East spot in Scarborough is fresh whole fish chosen from a market area grilled to order, no cheese in sight, and sides are comprised mostly of salads and dips.


It’s amazing how many cheese-free options there are at this dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, from rice rolls and dumplings to BBQ pork buns, fried squid tentacles and ribs.


This compact restaurant in the Yonge and Dundas area serves clean, pretty sushi platters with zero cheese in the mix.


Most traditional Thai dishes tend to be free of cheese, and multiple locations of this reliable chain provide delicious versions of classics like pad thai, curry and mango salad.

Wilson’s Haus of Lechon

Meals of chopped-up pork or chicken lechon from this Bathurst and Wilson spot are hearty, meaty, cheap, and so satisfying you’ll forget there’s no cheese in sight.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

The traditional Korean dish this restaurant in Koreatown is named for has no cheese in it at all, but still fills the belly.


Ramen from this restaurant near North York Centre doesn’t have any cheese in it, and also just so happens to boast a Michelin-star-level reputation.

Selam Vegan

Ethiopian is always a good option for meals free of cheese that tend to centre around various stews eaten with injera bread, but this vegan Ethiopian restaurant is guaranteed not to serve it.


Vegans never eat cheese, so those who are averse to the ingredient are in good company at locations of this totally vegan restaurant. Get all your usual favourites like burgers, onion rings and nachos without having to involve dairy.

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Hector Vasquez at Ghadir Fish

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