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The top 10 ice cream on Queen West

Ice cream on Queen West is like hot dogs on buns: they just go together. With as many ice creameries as there are clothing stores (not really, but it feels like it) you'll find treats that run the gamut from classic favourites to the latest in Instagrammable treats. 

Here are my picks for the top ice cream on Queen West. 

Nadege Ice Cream

The flagship store of this famous French brand now has an ice cream section where you can get 17 flavours of ice cream and sorbet. They're known for their macarons, so obviously the best move here is to grab one of their waffle cones covered in mini macs'. 

Sweet Olenka’s

The West Queen West version of this Etobicoke classic is where you can grab scoops of vegan ice cream in flavours like maple bacon and roasted marshmallow. Grab a scoop and walk over to Trinity Bellwoods for hest enjoyment. 

Cauldron Ice Cream

It doesn't really get prettier than the "puffle cones" from this California-based chain, where rose-shaped ice cream made from liquid nitrogen is served up in waffle cones. 

Butter Avenue

These guys may be best known for their unreal macarons, but they've also got some pretty amazing ice cream. Soft serve and sorbet comes in exciting flavours like uji matcha or strawberry purée (or both) for a refreshing, cool treat. 

Cool N2

Liquid nitrogen gives birth to delicious ice cream at this impressive shop, where you can get ice creams like blueberry cheesecake, matcha, and Oreo. 


This small counter combines Japanese taiyaki cones with delicious swirly soft serve. There's just two flavours here, matcha or black sesame (you can also get as swirl) but both are the perfect accompaniment to these tasty fish-shaped cones. 

iHalo Krunch

They've got a new flagship location just a few doors down from the original spot on Queen but they're still scooping up the same purple and black flavours in their signature charcoal cones. 

La Diperie

You'll probably recognize this spot from its turquoise wall a.k.a perfect IG background. This this Montreal-based brand specializes in dipped cones with over 40 types of dipping flavours. 

Kekou Gelato

Whether you get it in bars or in scoops, Kekou's ice cream comes in all types of Asian-inspired flavours like Hong Kong milk tea, all made in-house behind the counter.

Hollywood Cone

All the treats here are epic in the most over-the-top way possible. Ice cream base comes in basic vanilla, chocolate, or twist, but you can deck it out to the max with crazy toppings from smarties to sour gummy bears.

Lead photo by

Jesse Milns at La Diperie

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