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Dangerous Dans has closed its doors after 18 years

It was a sad weekend for burger lovers in Toronto because Riverside staple Dangerous Dan's closed its doors after spending 18 years at the corner of Queen and Broadview.

The restaurant flipped its final patty on national burger day, a fitting farewell for this much loved greasy spoon.

Plenty of well wishers stopped by for last chance to indulge one last time on massive burgers and deep friend Mars bars.

Pizza Nova bought the building at Queen and Broadview in 2015 and now, DD's lease is up. "I could have renewed but I don't think I would have made any money," chef and owner James McKinnon told us back in February.

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"Basically they wanted an 80 percent rent increase and repairs. I've renewed my lease four times before and I can tell the difference when a landlord wants you to renew and when they don't."

It is with a heavy heart that I share these photos. It's probably so heavy because I ate here so often. Like, an unhealthy amount at times.Today is Dangerous Dan's last day. Toronto has lost its best and greasiest burger joint. Dangerous Dan's was a stable in the community. Everyone who went there felt welcomed and left full. James, the owner, sat behind the counter and made everyone laugh with his jokes (incredibly inappropriate and sometimes offensive jokes). The posters on the wall were just as funny as the man behind the counter. "22% of Ontarians are obese... We can do better." "While we still have free health care." Another amazing community staple has been put out by a big chain. #PizzaNova bought the building and raised the rent so they couldn't afford it. I had my last burger there this afternoon and was greeted in line by some familiar faces in the community, so we sat and ate together. It's a true testament to what Dangerous Dan's has meant to me over my years in this community. As I left, I thanked James for all the beef, and he shook. My hand and wished me luck on my future. I will tell my children and my grandchildren tales about the Quadruple C (Colossal Colon Clogger Combo). I am heartbroken. Again, literally. Because I ate so much of their food. Dangerous Dan's will live on forever in the clogged arteries of its regulars. That is, until we all die from our inevitable heart attacks.

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Meanwhile, across the street, the revamped Broadview Hotel readies for its big reveal. It's a major period of change in this neighbourhood.

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