food waste toronto

People just ate a lot of garbage in Toronto

It didn't look like there were any leftovers at Trashed & Wasted, Toronto's newest food festival.

Despite its name, Trashed & Wasted wasn't about getting drunk. Instead, it showcased how to creatively curb food waste. However, most vendors ran out food about halfway through the event.

food waste torontoTrashed & Wasted received lots of pre-event coverage, largely because of its noble cause - who wouldn't want to support an event that looks at how we waste less of our precious food?

food waste torontoThe execution, however, left some attendees hungry considering there wasn't much to eat two hours before the event was slated to end.

food waste toronto“My biggest fear was having any leftover food at a food waste event, so the opposite happened,” says organizer Brock Shepherd, who estimates the event brought out approximately 250 guests and raised $2000 for Second Harvest.

He says most attendees arrived around the 6 p.m. start time. Those who came later, once the food ran out, could get refunds.

food waste torontoLuckily, the big IMBIBE drink station had lots of beer from Rainhard Brewing as well as cocktails made with Yongehurst Distillery's milky whey vodka.

food waste torontoThe local distiller created this spirit just for Trashed & Wasted using milk left over from Monteforte Dairy's cheese production process.

food waste torontoDrinks cost between $5 and $10 each, but a ticket into the festival was $35 - or $50 if you bought the all-in pass, which included food (most bites were $5 each).

food waste torontoInventive offerings included Oliver & Bonacini's bannock topped with brown butter cauliflower (stems only) and toasted hazelnut crumbs (literally crumbs from the bottom of the bag).

food waste torontoI was too squeamish to try Sanagan's pickled tongue and lamb brain mustard on toast (made from the end of loaves), but I'm told it was delicious.

food waste torontoMontgomery's served up chicken tails, Chocolates X Brandon Olsen gave out imperfect, but still beautiful, truffles and Actinolite had dense spent grain rye bread with sweet whey butter from Stirling Creamery.

food waste torontoDespite the pricey entry fee, guests seemed to be in a pretty jovial mood as they picked through the imperfect veggies donated by the Ontario Food Terminal.

Shepherd knows he has lots to learn before his next event, but he hopes to make Trashed & Wasted an annual affair.

food waste toronto

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