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The top 10 restaurants in Thornhill

The top restaurants in Thornhill will fill your belly with a diverse range of comfort food. Whether you're looking to splurge on a steak dinner or just want a slice of pizza, these eclectic spots have got you covered, regardless of your budget.

Here are my picks for the top restaurants in Thornhill.

Bagel World

In Thornhill, you're either a Bagel World or a What A Bagel World person and never the twain shall meet. I'm a fan of the former, mainly for its flat bagels, perfectly poached eggs and bottomless cups of coffee.

Centre Street Deli

Centre Street is arguably the best deli in the GTA, but you'd never suspect it because it's nestled into a nondescript plaza. It might be pricey here, but it's a worthy splurge meal.

Cho Sun Ok

Head to this Korean spot on Yonge near Steeles for thin arrowroot noodles over icy broth, or naengmyeon/naengmyun.

Congee Queen

Sure, this mini-chain has locations around the GTA, but it considers its Thornhill outpost its flagship store - so there. Of course, Congee Queen's known for its comforting and filling congee.

Golden Star

Thanks to the condo boom around Yonge and Steeles, this old-school burger joint from 1964 stands out as a relic from Thornhill's more staunchly suburban past. But its charcoal broiled burgers are still delicious.

Home of Hot Taste

There's an unaffiliated Home of Hot Taste downtown, but the real deal is north of Steeles. This restaurant serves up Korean-style fried chicken that you'll continue craving long after you've finished your meal.

Legend Chinese Restaurant

For dim sum in Thornhill, Legend is a solid option. This spot also has lots of vegetarian options.

Me Va Me

Good luck getting a table original Me Va Me on a Saturday night. And you better go early if want to order some shawarma.

The Octagon

If you're looking for an old-school steakhouse, The Octagon's the real deal. This is usually the type of place you visit only if you have something huge to celebrate.

Paoletti's Pizzeria

If you're from Thornhill, you probably know about the Dante's-related restaurant feud. This pizzeria is from the family behind the original Dante's

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Jesse Milns at Paoletti's Pizza

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