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5 epic hot chocolate drinks in Toronto

Epic hot chocolate drinks are available in Toronto just in time for the the frigid weather. While the city has plenty of places serving up excellent cups of hot cocoa, some local shops are taking the winter staple to new heights with wild ingredients and preparations.

Here are my picks for Toronto's most epic hot chocolate.

MoRoCo Chocolat

This Annex storefront dishes out all your favourite chocolate baked goods and confections. If you're looking for something to warm you up, order from their lineup of haute hot chocolate featuring toppings like mini macarons and sprinkles.

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Sweet Jesus

The Toronto born ice cream chain may be famous for their epic soft serve, but come winter, they pull out all the stops on their drink menu. They have multiple hot chocolate options on the menu but a real standout is their salted dark hot chocolate.

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Fugo Desserts

Mini donuts aren't the only thing coming to Fugo's winter menu this season in Little Tokyo. You can now try their hot chocolate beverage, which is coated in a thick layer of roasted marshmallow.

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La Diperie

Just like their soft serve, hot chocolate is totally customizable at their Danforth location. The shop is open on weekends throughout winter for you to concoct wild creations by choosing your flavour, toppings and dip.

El Caballito

Three words: tequila hot chocolate. This boozy take on your standard hot chocolate found on King West sports a nice kick of tequila along with a heavy dose of roasted marshmallow on top. Yum!

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