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5 tips for hosting Christmas dinner in Toronto

Christmas dinner is one of those things you look forward to all year, but when it’s your turn to host, what seemed like a fun way to get everyone together in your home can turn into a stressful nightmare. Avoid the hassle this holiday season and follow these simple tips to ensure your Christmas dinner not only runs smoothly, but is memorable as well.

Here are my five tips for hosting Christmas dinner in Toronto.

Skip the turkey

You could serve what everyone’s expecting and pry napping guests off your couch, or go for something that’ll wake everyone up. Try Sanagan’s for off-the-beaten-track meat selections like sauerkraut-stuffed pork, jambon de Paris, or exotic elk, venison, or rabbit. Get really outside the box at Honest Weight and pick up arctic char, other filets or whole fish.

Pick up some new music

If you own your own record player, check out one of Toronto’s newest record shop Invisible City Record Shop on Geary Avenue and get some fly background music. Instead of having your guests humming to the oldies or snoring to boring Christmas music, you'll have them suggesting everyone do the limbo.

Rent a sick outfit

Tired of only having a couple fancy outfits you rotate between? Instead of splurging on something sort of cute simply rent something stunning from edgy boutique Studio Fitzroy for a fraction of the cost. Since hosting dinner is a messy affair, thankfully dry cleaning is included.

Take care of your vegan pals

Pick up a tofurkey from vegan grocer Good Rebel as well as other snacks like vegan cheese. Apiecalypse Now! has order forms for vegan sweet and savoury pies and shortbread.

Don’t forget about dessert

Order this part of dinner ahead of time and skip the scramble for boring berries and Cool Whip to finish off your excellent Christmas dinner. Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns is taking orders for Crismukkah buns topped with an eggnog glaze and a piece of gelt.

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