10 creative and unusual coffee drinks in Toronto

In a city fuelled by caffeine, there's a new era of coffee enthusiasts concocting one-of-a-kind drinks you won't find anywhere else in Toronto. Raising the stakes with signature menu items over and above the traditional offerings, these cafes offer show-stopping creations that feature ingredients like lavender, chocolate, Nutella, and, of course, booze.

Here are 10 creative and unusual coffee concoctions that'll liven up your daily caffeine fix in Toronto.

Devil's Mocha
The Shmooz on the Danforth knows how to fire up the morning with this original play on the tall glass mocha. Made with simple syrup, chocolate espresso, and spiced with chili flakes, it's smoky with a little spice to energize into the afternoon.

Cold Brew Float
The cold brew coffee craze could only get colder with this treat from Glory Hole Doughnuts and Station Cold Brew. Made with soft serve ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and poured over cold brew, it's the perfect drink when you want dessert in a cup.

Bailey's Latte
Coffee lovers can't get enough of this after-dark hit. Find it at Black Cat Espresso, where owner Justin Manuel gets creative with espresso by mixing it with Bailey's, cocoa and steamed milk. A go-to for anyone looking for an extra kick in their stroll down College.

Lavender Honey Latte
Served at both The Strong One and Empire Espresso, this satisfyingly sweet creation is made with love by owners Sarah Dillon and Lisa Young-Kutsukake. As comforting as tea, and as enlivening as espresso.

Dark Knight
It might be an obvious and easy combination, but Black Goat Café makes a double shot espresso mixed with hot chocolate taste like it's never been done before. A powerful combo of coffee and chocolate, it's a miniature volcano that's overflowing with yummy whipped cream.

Bearded Barista
Voodoo Child is a College street landmark serving up coffee cocktails with a bite. Try this cocktail made with Jim Beam bourbon, Amaretto, Cynar, coffee beans and bitters. Trust me when I say this drink is a coffee-cocktail beauty.

Triple Chocolate Maple Passion
Bulldog Café owner Stuart Ross invented a triple threat chocolate coffee drink for customers with severe sweet cravings. This superior treat is made with espresso topped with chilli pepper, chocolate sauce, chocolate syrup, and drowned in a maple syrup tinted cream and then sprinkled with cocoa. This is next level.

Only Sam James would think to sell a jar of coffee-infused chocolate. Steam it with milk or eat it straight from the jar on the couch, this Soma Chocolate mashed with Cut Coffee is easily the most satisfying take-home spread ever made. Get it while quantities last.

Crème Brûlée Cappuccino
It smells like a campfire and tastes like a really sweet latte. The gang at Quantum Coffee outdid themselves with this traditional cappuccino, topped with sugar and blowtorched a la crème brûlée. Make a video for Instagram while the barista crafts the drink.

Peanut Butter Caramel Latte
This seasonal winter treat from R2 Espresso is worth a mention. Mixing one scoop of smooth peanut butter with a shot of caramel syrup, then topped with a rich layer of steamed milk, this java drink doubles as a creamy dessert.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions in the comments.

Photo via Sam James on Instagram.

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