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10 underrated items at popular Toronto restaurants

Popular Toronto restaurants and homegrown chains are usually renowned for a few must-try dishes. What about the other menu items that often get overlooked? Some of these underrated items will force you to completely rethink your go-to orders at these oft-frequented eateries.

Here are 10 underrated menu items to try at popular Toronto restaurants.

Fried chicken sandwich from Porchetta & Co.
The Porchetta sandwich is obviously the star at Porchetta & Co. But if you don't eat pork, or want to try something new, the King West location boasts a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich as a permanent menu item, unlike on Dundas West where you could find it only in limited quantities.

Milkshake from Big Smoke Burger
Milkshakes are staple at fast food burger chains, but as one BlogTO staff member says, the frothy drinks at Big Smoke Burger are among the best she's ever had. Grab one - either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry - from this Toronto-based chain at its various locations across the city.

Garlic knots from North of Brooklyn Pizzeria
This mini-chain is best known for its thin-crust pies. But if you're grabbing a slice from one of North of Brooklyn Pizzeria's three locations, don't let the opportunity to carb-o-load pass you by. Add an order of garlic knots, made with leftover pizza dough, to your meal and you won't be sorry.

Vegetarian ramen at Kinton Ramen
Kinton Ramen's animal-friendly soup isn't as creamy as its pork and chicken counterparts. But it provides a lighter alternative for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. It's also massive and comes topped with golden tofu nuggets, corn, mushrooms and seaweed.

Caprese salad from Makers Pizza
Most pizza places offer salad to appease a few diet-conscious diners. Makers Pizza, however, serves up a massive Caprese salad, which features hearty layers of tomato, basil and fior di latte (or mozzarella) cheese.

Poutine from Fresco's Fish and Chips
If you're craving fries, gravy and cheese curds in Toronto, you'll likely head to Poutini's of Smoke's. Fresco's Fish and Chips, however, doesn't only deal in excellent deep-fried haddock; it also offers a better-than-average poutine if you're looking to up your fry game.

Sandwiches from FBI Pizza
At the west-end chain FBI (Full-Blood Italian) Pizza, pizza, of course, reigns supreme. Though if you're feeling all pied-out, don't be afraid to try a sandwich or a hoagie from this no-frills joint.

Waffle ice cream sandwich from Dirty Bird
It's hard to avoid poultry at this Kensington Market hot-spot, especially considering it's called The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles. If you're looking to indulge your sweet tooth, choose a waffle ice cream sandwich. These decadent treats come filled with sauces and goodies like peanut butter, grape jelly and beef bacon.

Cold noodle salad from Mean Bao
Steamed bun sandwiches and dumplings get all the glory here, but Mean Bao also offers a cheap-and-cheerful cold noodle salad that's also vegan-friendly. For $4.95 you get a mix of tofu, cucumber, radish, carrot and of course, noodles.

Kale salad at P&L Burger
Salad may not be top of mind if you're heading out to dine a P&L Burger. Yet, this Parts & Labour offshoot serves up a mean kale caesar, which will undoubtedly make your meat-filled meal a tiny bit healthier.

What are your favourite underrated menu items? Let us know in the comments.

Photos of the fried chicken sandwich at Porchetta & Co. by Jesse Milns.

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