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The top 10 stores for jams and spreads in Toronto

Good jams and spreads can make a simple piece of bread taste that much better. The standard peanut butter and jelly is fine for most days, but with the many unique spreads available in Toronto, it would be a shame not to try out a new combination on your next piece of toast.

Here are my picks for the top stores for jams and spreads in Toronto.

Stasis Preserves
This Roncesvalles shop is stocked with spreads and jams from many Canadian companies, but they also make their own preserves. The caramelized onion spread is especially good, combining both sweet and savoury, while their Ontario strawberry and rhubarb jam is a perfect rendition of a classic flavour.

Known mainly for macarons and other French pastries, this popular patisserie also sells a chocolate spread that rivals Nutella. It has chopped nuts in it and tastes like the inside of a milk chocolate truffle. The spread is good enough to eat on its own with a spoon, but it's also a great addition on top of sweeter bread, like a brioche.

This West Queen West allergy-free retailer offers vegan butter made in-house, and if you want a chocolate-flavoured spread that isn't too sweet, their sunflower spread is a good alternative. As promised by the label, it's fudgy and creamy, and it doesn't taste like it's full of sugar, making it a great addition to breakfast.

This butcher shop has several decadent spreads, like duck rillette with orange zest and duck liver pate. They also sell homemade hummus and grainy mustards, but it's their ketchup that's a must-have sandwich topper. Who knew that the popular tomato spread could actually taste like roasted tomatoes?

Manning Canning
This Ontario-based kitchen sells their preserves and spreads at several retailers in Toronto, like Blackbird Baking Co. and Oliffe. Their jams, jellies and relishes are made from locally sourced produce. Two flavours that are great for spreading on toast include the apple earl grey jelly and rhubarb vanilla jam.

Kitten and the Bear
This Queen West scone and jam shop is constantly coming out with new spreads. Their black plum, cacao, and chai jam has actual cacao nibs in it, while their Ontario peach, fresh basil, and lime jam is a unique twist on your average peach spread.

Mustard is a must-have for many sandwiches, and Caplansky's delicatessen offers several flavours, ranging from sweet to spicy. The honey mustard is my favourite and adds more flavour to a veggie sandwich, while the hot and horseradishy one is excellent paired with deli meats.

What a Bagel!
This bagel eatery has eight locations across Toronto and offers various flavours of cream cheese, alongside the typical plain option. The spread is fluffy and smooth, and goes well with jams and jellies, as well as other toppings. My favourite is the dill cream cheese with some lox on a bagel.

St. Urbain Bagel
The St. Lawrence Market bakery sells their own cream cheese alongside their bagels and even though they have a few flavours, I always go for plain. It tastes like it's been whipped for hours, and it also goes perfectly with their chocolate chip bagel.

Mabel's Bakery
When you're grabbing a loaf from this gourmet bakery, don't forget to check out their jams and preserves pantry. While the more classic flavours are all there, like strawberry preserves, Ontario wild blueberry jam, as well as cranberry and orange marmalade, Mabel's also makes pear butter and apple butter, which are both rich and tart.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions for the best spreads and jams in the comments.

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