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10 great Chinese desserts in Markham & Richmond Hill

Chinese desserts are a much different animal than their Western counterparts. They focus less on sweetness and more on texture, subtle flavours, nuttiness and fruitiness.

Here are my picks for the top spots for Chinese desserts in Markham and Richmond Hill.

Full House Desserts
This wildly popular dessert spot at Richlane Mall is the place to go if you're a durian lover. Try the durian pancake for a unique experience. For the many that despise any whiff of durian, an assortment of delicious Chinese desserts is also on offer.

Dessert Kitchen
This sleek cafe in the heart of Markham is a hit with locals. Whether you're after the traditional or something more off the wall like the mango lava cake, Dessert Kitchen has got it covered. They keep long hours so your dessert craving can be satisfied well after you've finished your dinner.

Wooffles & Cream
Freshly made waffles pair perfectly with their Asian-inspired soft serve options (matcha anyone?). From sweet to salty (and in some cases a combination of both), this waffle joint offers a unique take on the dessert.

Dong Dong Pastries
While the name makes my inner 13 year old chuckle, the buns and tarts here are nothing to balk at. The offerings are not only supremely fresh but most buns or tarts will cost you less that $1. Considering the quality, that price point is astonishingly good.

Tracy Dessert
The menu at Tracy Dessert is as vast as it is authentic. The wide array of options include an assortment of puddings, fried milk (a must try), extremely bitter herbal jelly, tofu offerings, and several milk tea concoctions.

Sweet Note
This cafe puts an Asian twist on French dessert and serves up some serious deliciousness. Souffle and macarons infused with flavours like guava and black sesame are unique combinations that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Toast Delight
Hong Kong-style waffles are the name of the game here. With an assortment of flavours like green tea, red bean, or sesame, you're guaranteed to try something intriguing flavour combinations. They also offer a selection of traditional Chinese buns.

Lucullus Bakery
This place is a local landmark and with good reason. With a selection of buns, egg tarts and other doughy confections at dirt cheap prices, it's hard not to go overboard here. The traditional milk tea makes for a great accompaniment to their confections.

Sweet House Dessert
If you're hankering for some authentic Chinese dessert late at night, this is the place to go. They're open past midnight daily and serve up sago, puddings, and Asian style-parfait with red bean, tofu and matcha ice cream.

Health Herb Harmony
While the name may not bring to mind sugary dessert, this hole in the wall provides a great selection of traditional Chinese desserts, offering everything from bubble tea to herbal jelly. The silky tofu here is very smooth, and when paired with a sweet syrup, it's a must try.

Did I miss your favourite spot? Add your suggestions in the comments.

Photo of Dessert Kitchen via Instagram.

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