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The top 10 hangover brunch in Toronto

Brunch in Toronto can be the perfect hangover antidote. After a night of too much drinking, there's nothing like a greasy meal to alleviate your headache, replenish your electrolytes and satiate a grumbling tummy.

Here are my picks where to eat a hangover-crushing brunch in Toronto.

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Emma's Country Kitchen
Listed on the menu as the " I Know What You Did Last Night Burger" ($13), this breakfast sandwich features a six ounce sausage patty loaded with house cured bacon and cheddar with frites on the side.

Order The Cure ($16) during weekend brunch service at this Financial District spot to remedy hangovers with grilled sausage, bacon, and two fried eggs with sides of frites and tomatoes for good measure.

The Mexican Hangover at this restaurant just south of King West will wake up your taste buds with jalapeño-spiked scrambled eggs, guacamole, espazote, and queso fresco, 
with a crispy corn tortilla, and roasted tomato salsa.

Hunters Landing
The Landing Cure ($16), is a hybrid drink and dish. What starts as a Caesar cocktail gets gussied up with a lobster tail, pizza wedge, bacon strips, cheese cubes and pickles, or some other equally over-the-top combination of garnishes.

Old School
The 24-hour diner meets smokehouse, is home to all sorts of hangover-crushing comfort , there's even the Hangover Lover's Salad - which offers the placebo effect of ordering a "salad" - even though the dish comprises pulled pork, cornbread, bacon, parm, buttermilk garlic dressing and deep fried egg... there's some lettuce is there somewhere too.

The Tennessee
This Parkdale eatery served The Ultimate Hangover Sandwich ($11) that'll cure whatever ails you. The ultra satisfying sandwich boasts fried eggs, kimchi, bacon and garlic mayo on toasted sourdough, and comes complete with home fries and fresh fruit.

Ease headaches and calm tummies after a wild night out with Disgraceland's Hangover Helper ($11). Served at brunch on weekends, this dish comprises two poached eggs, bacon and thick hollandaise all piled on top a plate of the house poutine.

Bacon Nation
The Drunken Stupor Breakfast ($9.45) is a best had if you're still little tipsy when you wake. This meaty breakfast includes peameal and strip bacon, fried eggs, cheddar cheese, whiskey BBQ sauce, beer battered onion rings and home fries.

Hangover Poutine ($14) at this Bloorcourt roadhouse comprises hangover-lessening staples including lots of carbs, greasy proteins and hot sauce. The dish features fresh-cut shoestring fries loaded with bacon, peameal, breakfast sausage, and cheese curds then topped with an over-easy egg and smothered in hollandaise.

Louis Cifer Brew Works
The brewpub on the Danforth serves up something called The Last Hangover ($14), an oped faced sandwich featuring a couple fried eggs, farmer's sausage, bacon, tomato, and, cheddar on challah with roasted potatoes.

What did I miss? Let us know about your favourite hangover brunch in the comments. Photo of Old School.

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