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The top 10 cheap eats in Richmond Hill

Dining on a budget can be a bit of a mixed bag, but in Richmond Hill the options are abundant with a delicious variety of mostly regional specialties. I love eating on the cheap, and it's always easy to find something delicious in this part of town.

Here are my picks for the top cheap eats in Richmond Hill.

Northern Dumpling Kitchen
Large steam trays of fresh dumplings adorn nearly every table here. With most dishes under $8 and generous portion sizes you can easily feed a small army for less than $25.

Kum Hong BBQ
This place is the very definition of a hole in the wall. Located in a small plaza off Highway 7, it serves up some amazing Chinese BBQ. For less than $8 one can get some succulent BBQ on a pile of rice that's sure to be filling and delicious.

Ho Shin Tang
Korean food is often budget friendly. In this case, Ho Shin Tang does Korean favourites really well. My personal pick, the kimchi chigai, is hearty and spicy. With friendly service and delicious banchan, this place is hard to beat.

Taftan Kabobs (9625 Yonge St.)
Fumes are the best advertising for Taftan. Traditional Persian BBQ platters are plentiful here. The koobideh (ground meat kebabs) is a great value ($7.99). All platters are served with a mountain of rice and a small side salad.

Jim Chai Kee
This place may be hidden, it might not be the cleanest spot around, and to say that the service is curt would be a compliment. Nonetheless, tennis ball sized wontons in soup can be had here for $5-$7. This carb-heavy deliciousness is excellent comfort food at insanely low prices.

My Kitchen
The speciality here is Congee and their quality and variety is top notch. Served up with fried dough sticks, this traditional breakfast dish is great comfort food at a reasonable price.

One part butcher shop, one part Italian deli and one part hot table, this little shop on the northern edge of Richmond Hill is carving out quite the reputation. With delectable steak sandwiches and some of the best brisket around, it should be on your radar.

Richmond Court Restaurant
A Richmond hill mainstay and with good reason. This restaurant/bakery serves an encyclopaedia-like menu of Chinese classics. Mounds of fried rice, stir fry and noodles are served family style making this place ideal for big groups on a tight budget.

Bayview Kitchen
Hong Kong CafĂŠ's are an excellent option for a cheap meal. Bayview Kitchen is one of the better HK style cafe's in Richmond Hill. Afternoon tea sets and lunch specials are served with milk tea and provide Hong Kong favourites for less than $10.

Owl of Minerva
The Owl is reliable when it comes to cheap and cheerful restaurants. The kamjatang (Korean pork bone soup) is my go-to here. Other Korean staples like bibimbap provide a great option for a quick and budget friendly meal.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite Richmond Hill cheap eat restaurant in the comments.

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