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Craft Beer Passport returns to Toronto for year two

The Craft Beer Passport is back in Toronto for another year, bringing discounted rates on locally made beers at 20 bars and breweries across that city. And this year, likely due to a bit of whining last year, there will be full pint options available at most of the participating establishments.

The way it works is simple: you buy the passport for $20, which gives you a choice of one of three beers at each the 20 places participating in the program for two bucks. Yes, you still have to plop down some cash, as $2 is legally the lowest price bars can sell beer, but you should be tipping anyway, so it was never going to be free at the point of purchase anyway.

The Craft Beer Passport isn't about getting drunk on the cheap (there are plenty of places to do that in Toronto), but about fostering the exploration of bars that take beer seriously in the city with the incentive of reduced prices. When viewed this way, it's a compelling option for drinkers looking to get to know the local beer scene.

The Craft Beer Passport is valid from June 1 to November 30, 2015. There's a launch party at Revival on June 4 and the passports are available for sale here.

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