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The top 10 new cupcake shops in Toronto for 2014

New cupcake shops in Toronto stoked the fires of the ever-unstoppable baking trend in 2014. If you thought we'd be over cupcakes by now, think again: All it takes is a knock-out recipes and some surprise flavours, and we find ourselves back in line, waiting patiently for one of those delightful mini-cakes (or two or three or four).

Here are my picks for the top cupcake shops that opened in Toronto in 2014.

The Pursuit of Frosting
This Eglinton shop spun out of a mobile cupcakery called Pretty Sweet, so you can imagine the attention paid to cupcakes. Flavours include cookies and cream, coconut, chocolate, red velvet and marble and are $2.80 each.

Bobbette and Belle (Yonge St.)
The Leslieville patisserie has been pleasing people for three years with their cupcakes, and now the uptown Yonge location is doing just the same. $3.10 for a cupcake in a myriad of flavours from chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel, mango passionfruit and more.

Bloomer's is the latest vegan bakery in Bloorcourt, and they make vegan cupcakes in exciting combinations like dark rum and toasted coconut, apple pie, maple pecan, double chocolate raspberry and spiced rum and eggnog.

Don't Call Me Cupcake
Kensington Market has a new favourite cupcake joint; the shop checks out what ingredients are available elsewhere in the Market, and decides which eight or 10 types of cupcakes they'll make that day. One thing is for sure: The rum cupcake ($3.25), based on an old family recipe, is a real hit.

Bake Them Pretty
Beginning in Vaughan and then launching recently another location on Harbord, Bake Them Pretty has always be a fan of the cupcake. They make mini ($1.50) and regular cupcakes ($3.75) and they can customize the regular ones to suit any occasion.

Almond Butterfly
You'd think wheat flour might be intrinsic to a fine cupcake, but gluten-free bakeries like Almond Butterfly on Harbord continue prove the assumption wrong. Flavours like chocolate salted caramel, vanilla coconut, strawberry milkshake, and their signature almond butterfly.

Home Baking Co.
The co-owner of Bakerbots opened Home Baking Co. this past summer to great acclaim, in no small part to the decadent cupcakes made fresh using all the good stuff - cream, flour, sugar, and lots of butter.

The Rolling Pin
Fat piped buttercream frosting sits high on the cupcakes at The Rolling Pin, in flavours like carrot, red velvet and brown sugar caramel ($3.00 each or $17 for 6). They also make cute mini versions ($1.75 each or $10 for 6).

Sweet Serendipity
The Danforth and Greenwood area was in need of a bakery and Sweet Serendipity came to the rescue with its divine cupcakes. They're sweet and moist and come in chocolate, red velvet and vanilla flavours.

Bunner's (Kensington)
Bunner's, in the Junction and now in Kensington, makes customers happy with their gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. With choices like carrot, vanilla, red velvet, lemon, French toast, and some seasonal favourites at $3.75 each, how can they disappoint?


Bake Shoppe
The Bake (formerly Wedding Cake) Shoppe girls bake three daily flavours of cupcakes, keeping the cake confection fresh in customers minds, even if cupcakes are less prominent in their developing business.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite new cupcake shop in the comments.

Photo of Almond Butterfly by Jesse Milns.

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