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The top 5 outrageous foods coming to the CNE in 2014

The CNE unveiled today its latest batch of outrageous food items it will be serving to the public this year when the annual Exhibition kicks off this Friday. Like last year's list, the foods aren't for the calorie-counting inclined and are instead binge worth variations of indulgent snacks, sweet infused meats and hybrid comfort foods.

Here are five outrageous foods to try at the CNE this summer.

Thanksgiving Waffles
Just when you thought chicken fried waffles was the ultimate waffle indulgence along comes Frans Restaurant with a hybrid of your weekend brunch and Thanksgiving dinner. A plate of these waffles comes stuffed with roast turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry stuffing and then smothered with a thick house made gravy. Hold the maple syrup.

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Cocoa Infused Fried Chicken
Chocolate and chicken lover? You no longer need to satisfy your cravings with two different meals. Cocoa infused fried chicken is exactly what it sounds like - chicken coated and seasoned with cocoa and fried to a dark chocolate crisp. Find it inside the Food Building at the Coco's Fried Chicken stand.

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Butter Coffee
Need a caffeine kick and want to pack on some calories at the same time? Butter coffee should do it. A product of local coffee shop Hula Girl Espresso (also inside the Food Building), a cup of this brewed coffee is packed with a dollop of butter making it oh-so-rich and a definite item to avoid if you're the type who take your Pilot beans with a dose of Almond milk.

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S'More Bao
This hybrid dessert has made an appearance lately at various spots in Toronto including the newly opened Lucky Red. Now CNE goers can indulge in a version here too courtesy of Far East Taco in the Food Building. Just as you'd expect, this Asian bun is layered with marshmallows, sweet milk cream, hazelnut, chocolate and crushed graham crackers. Yum.

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Elvis Grilled Cheese
What's an outrageous food list without some new wacky variation on grilled cheese? A tribute to The King himself, this fried melted sandwich comes packed with all of Elvis' favourite foods including peanut butter, banana, bacon and cheese. Thankfully, they've kept out the prescription drugs. Find it at Coffee Zone near the Midway.

cne food

And that's not all. Also look out for spicy peanut butter sriracha rolls, liquid nitrogen gelato, a crowbar (croissant baked with a chocolate bar inside), a fun-ana (hybrid between corn dog and funnel cake) and bacon wrapped corn.

Which food are you most looking forward to trying this year? Add your pick to the comments below.

Photos by Jesse Milns.

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