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The top 5 restaurants in and around Regent Park

Where to eat in and around Regent Park will likely elicit new suggestions in the next few years to come. Regent Park is right in the midst of its area revitalization, and glass and steel cladding has been appearing with evermore resolve. And while new visitors may soon be popping by to check out the Daniels Spectrum community centre, the new aquatic centre (wait for it...), and soon-to-come condo and rental options, they're inevitably going to want to find a place to nosh. And yes, there are options beyond the relatively recent FreshCO and Timmies arrivals. Here are some places to check out in and around Regent Park.

J Pizza Plus
Despite its name, pizza is not the main attraction here. J Pizza Plus is a family-run business serving hot samosas, various types of biryani, jerk chicken, basa fillets, curry beef and more. Prices are pretty cheap, too, with biryani ringing in around $5 and a pizza slice (yes, people too order the pizza) for a couple of coins.

Paintbox Bistro
Speaking of, it's impossible to drop name of the new community centre without mentioning its newest corner bistro. Paintbox offers a clean and somewhat eclectic menu of dishes such as lentil dahl, flank steak, and... uh... fried pig head. In an unpretentious yet contemporary environment to boot. With chef and George Brown instructor Chris Klugman at the helm, Paintbox will remain a for-profit business but with a dedication to help foster new community growth. A Paintbox Express is expected to open in the coming weeks.

Qi Sushi
Whereas most neighbourhoods are utterly overflowing with sushi options, there is a relative dearth in the Regent Park area. But that doesn't mean, however, that area locals must "resort" to the options at Qi Sushi. Quite the contrary. On the border of Regent Park and Cabbagetown, Qi offers great dinner deals for in and around $10, with all your favourite sushi, sashimi, and maki options on the menu. Opened earlier this summer, the relative emptiness during the week should simply be taken as Qi still waiting to be discovered.

The sister restaurant that preceded Kaoh San Road and undoubtedly one of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto. Casual but fine for eat-in or take-out, Sukhothai wins for its delicious pad thai made with unrivaled authenticity, and Tom Yum soup best for those under-the-weather days. Service over the phone occasionally can be iffy, but Jeff and Nuit's Northern Thai fare make the odd premature hang up worth the hassle.

If you're in the mood for breakfast, brunch, bacon, Figs is your answer. At Queen and Parliament, this all-day-breakfast spot has the obligatory Sunday comfort food menu of omelettes, eggs Benny, waffles, and homemade Hollandaise. Pictures on the menu is just a charming plus, and shredded potatoes are a signature favourite.


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