Valentine's Day Toronto

Valentine's Day in Toronto 2011

Valentine's Day in Toronto fast approaches, and many of the city's more romantic restaurants are already booked solid. But that doesn't mean those with a flare for last minute dramatics are out of luck. Though you may have navigate long lineups, there's no shortage of restaurants that don't take reservations. The key is to arrive early, and to have mapped out where you'll spend your time while waiting for a table.

Beyond the more traditional dinner out, there are a host of other amorous ways to spend an evening in and around Toronto that won't break the bank or have you looking unprepared. Here's a short list of options, though I'd also encourage Don Juan types to offer their recommendations for Valentine's day activities that don't suck in the comments section.



Another way around fully booked restaurants is to dine at home and then head out for drinks. What constitutes a "romantic" bar will vary wildly in accordance with people's general taste, but here's a variety of rooms that'd make my list. All meet my essential criteria: low lighting and a relaxed vibe.

Hotel bars are also a natural choice for a romantic evening out, if only because you might just want to spend the night. Nice cocktails might do the trick, too.




  • Queen of Hearts - Originally schedule for Saturday, wet sidewalk have led the event to pushed back a day. Starting at 8pm, Newmindspace will paint thousands of hearts along Queen West in an annual celebration of they call the true meaning of Valentine's Day.
  • Making Love in the Junction - Local poet/playwright Shannon Bramer explores of our notion of romantic love through spoken word performances.
  • HERD Fundraiser Valentine's Rants & Dance! - Nine actors will read the most outrageous posts found on the Internet on the topic of love, heartbreak, and sex.



The Best Florist in Toronto


It's a shame no one uses this word anymore. But just in case you're looking for a romantic place to get it on in the car, my two recommendations would be the parking lot beside the Sound Academy on Polson Street (best view of the city) and the Queen's Quay parking garage (just east of York St and surprisingly private).

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