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Toronto Patio Guide: Ossington and Dundas West

Dundas West and Ossington, unlike the Danforth, takes some work to get a patio (or liquor) license. Good thing a lot of bar and restaurant owners here claimed their outdoor space before Pantalone had his say. From hip backyard patios to casual street-side ones there's still a surprising number to choose from.

Here's a rundown of 12 of the best patio options on Ossington and Dundas West.

Sweaty Betty's
This isn't the prettiest patio but it sure is functional. When inside the bar gets too, um, sweaty, there's plenty of space and seating to be had in the back. The bar opens 3pm on weekends and on Sundays they sometimes have a barbeque. Guinness, Creemore, Amsterdam Blonde and Wellington are among the beers on tap.

This tequila bar on Ossington just north of Argyle has a great back patio to indulge in juicy cocktails, some tapas or shots from their large selection of mescal and tequila. Stake out a spot early in the night if you want to get a seat.

The Foxley
Also on Ossington, The Foxley has just unveiled a 40 seat back yard patio that essentially doubles the capacity of the restaurant. This is a good date place and perfect for an Asian inspired dinner with some of chef Tom Thai's succulent ceviche.

On Dundas West, Musa's east facing patio usually means it's bathed in shade when some others in the area aren't. So if sun is essential, come early for french toast at their weekend brunch. There are large, good-value portions of food for dinner with a decent selection of beers on tap too.

The Palmerston
This cafe at Dundas and Palmerston isn't open late but their west-facing patio gets the afternoon sun and thus is perfectly serviceable for a light snack, brunch or lunch. Featured drinks include prosecco, lattes and an Italian bottled beer.

The Lakeview
This 24 hour diner has a small street side patio facing south that probably seats about 20. Brunch means eggs benedict, french toast and pancakes as well as $3 caesars and mimosas. There's also milkshakes, floats and smoothies for those looking to practice a bit of abstinence.

The Black Hoof
This small back patio has come a long way since Cocktail Molotov occupied these premises. Owners Jennifer Agg and Grant Van Gameren have spruced it up so that all their carnivorous customers can suck back beef marrow in a more comfortable setting.

The Press Club
It may not be obvious that the Press Club has a patio but ask the bartender (or follow the customers) and you'll find it. It's not much to look at but it's casual and secluded and is way better than being inside the bar on a typical summer's night.

Cafe 668
This Asian vegan restaurant has a small east-facing patio with a prime view of the nearby 7-11. Watch high school kids come and go with massive, multi-coloured Big Gulps or just dig in and enjoy some fake duck and ginger beer.

Golden Turtle
The city's best pho joint serves up cheap food and cheaper beer (think bottles of Tsing Tao for less than $4). The setting might be basic but at these prices it's enough to question whether coming here was just for a quick bite.

Crooked Star
This Ossington original (if 5 years in business qualifies for that moniker) has a casual side patio on Foxley that's a perfect spot to wait for your table at Libretto. Or just chill hear for the evening with a TV dinner and some Japanese Caesars.

Ezra's Pound
While neighbours Ella's Uncle and Saving Grace make do with a couple of benches, Ezra's Pound does them one better with small west-facing patio. Snack on some cheese or a small salad and wash it all down with an iced coffee.

A special thanks to Bud Light Lime for sponsoring this section. Watch for 13 more neighbourhood patio profiles in the weeks to come.

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