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Edible Obama: Yummy Stuff Votes Yes

Obamamania has certainly hit Canada, thanks in part to his brief jaunt to Ottawa, but here in Toronto our Obama mania is best getting expressed through cookies. Back during the election season it was candidate cookies at Queen of Tarts but now it's Obama cookies at Yummy Stuff capturing our hearts stomachs.

Naturally I had to ask Yummy Stuff's Morag Cleeveley all about the cookies and what the perfect cookie would be. Just a hint: it isn't a Stephen Harper. That idea never made it to the mixing bowl.

Who had the idea to make and sell Obama cookies?

We decided to make to Obama cookies because we were caught up in Obama-mania.

Why did you decide to do them and when did they become available? Are the cookies a popular item?

We didn't know if they would sell, but decided to put a few packages out for sale. They were a hit! They sold very well during the week of the inauguration and following weeks as well.

How long will they remain on the Yummy Stuff shelves?

We are now only making the cookies for the weekends, our busiest time. Last weekend we made cookies in an Academy Awards theme which were quickly gobbled up by our customers!

Are people willing to eat them?

The people that were interested in the cookies but didn't purchase said that they couldn't imagine eating them! People that bought them definitely intended on eating them!

Speaking of which, what kind of cookie is this? And how do you put the image on the cookie?

They are sugar cookies with edible images on top. The images are copied onto sugar paper on a printer that we use only with vegetable dyes for cookies. The print is then adhered to a sugar cookie flooded with royal icing. We obviously make no claim to the image - it was created by Sheppard Fairey.

What is your dream cookie to make and design?

My personal dream cookie would be a life size George Clooney!!

Image courtesy Yummy Stuff.

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