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Name: Angus

Age: 44

What neighbourhood are you from? The Junction

What do you 'do'? Cafe owner

How long have you been in Toronto? All my life.

What's your story?

Before opening the cafe, I was in advertising for about 20 years.

My partner, Tracy, has had breast cancer for five years and is currently battling a recurrence. Through this, we have embarked on a journey of self-discovery including detoxifying and eating healthy food. When we started researching, I discovered raw eating. I basically went raw overnight which isn't advisable as I learned through my experience with healing crisis. Eventually, we learned the healthy way of eating raw and decided to open a cafe to offer people the opportunity to eat healthy, too, as well as provide a bit of inspiration. Many people ask us about raw eating - it's all about healthy living and detoxifying.

My passion is the politics of food. We need to educate the public about the poisoning that occurs through food.

Favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

Toronto is the greatest city in the world and I say this after having lived abroad and visiting 32 countries. We don't know how good we have it. There's so much tolerance here and we have a very harmonious way of living. I'm very proud to be a Torontonian.

Least favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

Our lack of sensible transportation. For a big city, we don't have a real culture of figuring out a better way of getting around.

You have 24 hours to spend with someone who's never been to Toronto before - what do you do?

I would take them for a walk along the boardwalk at the lake. I would take them to Kensington Market to buy fresh produce and funky things, to the art gallery and the ROM and then, walk along Bloor and Queen Street. We'd have lunch along College Street and have a good healthy dinner at Rawlicious. In the evening, I would take them to a hockey game.

One thing that your friends/family don't know about you:

I have a newly developed fear of heights and I don't like scary movies and rollercoasters.

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