MAD Toronto


MAD is a new antique design and furniture store that just opened near the corner of Queen and Pape. The store has just the right amount of product - it's not one of those dusty places where it feels like you're rummaging through a garage sale or a forgotten basement in vain trying to decipher the junk from the valuable.

MAD Toronto

I absolutely love the antique oversized secretary's desk that would add charm and elegance to any den or study. With its tall bookshelves, heavy doors and well-worn candle sconces, this desk is divine and reasonably priced at $2200 for such a solid piece of furniture.

MAD Toronto

Keeping along the same vein, I couldn't help but smile at the colour-coded stacks of yellow, green and red "Sunday school chairs" for $10 each. These childhood plastic chairs were begging to be added to any child's playroom or bedroom and I found myself thinking about how reasonable it would be to even squeeze a few of these on my patio.

MAD Toronto

I really enjoyed the theme of schoolyard-chic and started to see bits of pieces of it throughout the whole showroom. When stores show this type of care and concern with their inventory choices, it really improves the overall shopping experience. It's not for sale just because it's old and dusty, but rather it pushes a similar and complimentary aesthetic, which when applied to a home or office really elevates the space and gives it a bit of designer colour and flourish.

MAD Toronto

Another piece that I could barely tear myself away from was a nearly six-foot tall mesh locker unit. It's industrial, masculine and practically eye-popping. After my visit, I was trying to explain how amazing this piece was to some friends and they just didn't get it, so I'm pretty certain it's one of those love it or hate it things, but with drawers and wardrobe compartment, including clothes rail for $900, it's a statement piece for sure.

MAD Toronto

As I moved around the store, I made sure to also check out the variety of coffee tables, cabinets, side tables, lamps and pictures. Not everything jumped out at me, but I was impressed with the consistency of the originality and overall attractiveness of each piece. Some were funky, some more conservative, but nothing was junky. Okay, maybe the 8-stepped "stairs to nowhere" for $350 is a bit junky, but if you have the wall space than it could be useful as a bookshelf and be really fun and kooky.

A few other items took the schoolyard chic theme and threw it across the pond, as I discovered some fun Winston Churchill framed needlepoint ($120) and a 1940's armchair upholstered in the Union Jack ($1250) that will surely start some pro or anti Thatcher conversations amongst any dinner party crowd.

MAD Toronto

Overall, MAD is a welcome addition to the Leslieville furniture scene . With its easy to shop attitude and fun and inspired product choices, it makes a great visit for anyone looking to browse or who is in the market for something original and vintage.

Photos by Dennis Marciniak

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