Yung Sing Deadpool

Is Yung Sing Pastry Shop going Deadpool?

Has Yung Sing Pastry shop served its last BBQ pork bun? Baldwin Village's favourite foodie destination has been closed since last year prompting many to wonder whether it's ever going to re-open.

A makeshift sign (see below) affixed to the front window is still there from last November informing customers the shop is closing/closed for renovations and will re-open in Spring/Summer of 2010. The problem is - it's obvious to everyone that renovations haven't begun meaning the shop has basically been untouched for 6 months. The first day of summer looms in 4 weeks time.

So what's happening? Here's what I was able to find out.

While I wasn't able to get a hold of any of the owners, I did speak with neighbourhood businesses who informed me the older couple who run the place have been sick. First the husband was in hospital for a while; and just when he started to get better his wife became ill as well.

Along with the health issues, the owners are also in the process of trying to transition the day to day operations of the business to their children. This process is always tricky at best so layering on a renovation on top of this, plus health issues, explains why things are moving slowly (if at all).

Yung Sing sign

The consensus in the neighbourhood seems to be that Yung Sing Pastry Shop will eventually re-open. It just might not be until 2011. Apparently, money isn't an issue as the owners - despite the somewhat dilapidated look of the bakery - are quite well off and own more than a dozen real estate properties in the area including the building housing Yung Sing.

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