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Baldwin Village

Baldwin Village is a small enclave just east of Chinatown lined with about three dozen restaurants, cafes and stores. OCAD students and AGO visitors flock here for the diverse (and often cheap) dining options including all you can eat sushi at Kuni Sushi Ya, great Vietnamese food at Hanoi Bistro or veggie eats at Vegetarian Haven. The front patio at John's Italian Caffe is a favourite spot to watch the day go by.

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Arctic Bites / Restaurants

21 Baldwin St. 647.347.2818 Website
Arctic Bites

Arctic Bites is one of the first places in Toronto to offer Thai-style ice cream rolls. Also known as stir-fried ice cream, these are commonly found throughout Thailand but...

Around Again Records / Services

18 Baldwin Street 416.979.2822
Around Again Records

Around Again is located just north of the AGO. Predominantly dealing in quality used vinyl, the store will buy your used CDs for 50 cents up to $7. Most of...

Art Gallery of Ontario / Galleries

317 Dundas St W 416.979.6648 Website
Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario is one of Canada's premier art galleries and a worldwide destination for art fans visiting Toronto. With architecture by Frank Gehry visible from many angles around...

Baldwin Naturals / Grocery Stores

16 Baldwin Street 416.979.1777
Baldwin Naturals

Baldwin Naturals is a health food store in Baldwin Village which sells a variety of organic food, wheat-free products and vitamins....

Baldwin Palace / Restaurants

1 Baldwin Street 416.593.4788
Baldwin Palace

Baldwin Palace is a no-frills Chinese restaurant at the corner of Baldwin and McCaul. Lots of vegetarian options available. ...

Baldwin Village Inn / Hotels

9 Baldwin St 416.591.5359 Website
Baldwin Village Inn

Baldwin Village Inn, located in the heart of Baldwin Village, is a family-owned spot that has been running for over 25 years. The 6 suites have 3 shared washrooms between...

Bau-Xi Contemporary Art Gallery / Galleries

340 Dundas Street West 416.977.0600 Website
Bau-Xi Contemporary Art Gallery

Bau-Xi is a 2-story gallery that was first established in Vancouver before opening this, it's sister gallery in 1976....

Bau-Xi Photo / Galleries

324 Dundas St. W 416.977.0400 Website
Bau-Xi Photo

Bau-Xi Photo is a recent addition to the Toronto photography scene. Located just steps away from Bau-Xi Gallery -- which exhibits art in a variety of media -- it's...

Bicerin Espresso Bar / Cafes

37 Baldwin St. 647.352.8550 Website
Bicerin Espresso Bar

Bicerin Espresso Bar is the go-to coffee shop in Baldwin Village. It has taken over the space of what used to be TAN Coffee and hasn't changed much in the...

BOCCA / Restaurants

26 Baldwin Street 416.348.0731

BOCCA, an Italian restaurant located on a prime corner in Baldwin Village serves up pasta, grilled meats and other traditional Italian dishes....

Bodega / Restaurants

30 Baldwin Street 416.977.1287 Website

Bodega Restaurant in Baldwin Village serves classic French cooking with offerings such as Lobster and Shrimp Bisque, Herb Crusted Lamb Rack and Braised Rabbit Leg. ...

Cafe La Gaffe / Restaurants

24 Baldwin Street 416.596.2397
Cafe La Gaffe

The eclectic Cafe La Gaffe in Baldwin Village serves fresh salads, pizza, risotto and sandwiches. ...

Cafe Plenty / Restaurants

250 Dundas Street West 416.585.7842 Website
Cafe Plenty

Cafe Plenty offers gourmet take-out and catering with items such as baked goods, granola with maple syrup and yogurt, tarts, and salads. You'll also find soups and and sandwiches such...

CL Tea House / Cafes

Unit 39, 109 McCaul Street 647.668.8099
CL Tea House

CL Tea House makes great tasting bubble tea at reasonable prices. They offer a wide selection from the original black milk tea with tapioca to a new exotic mix blended...

Coffee Exchange / Cafes

109 McCaul St 416.591.8430
Coffee Exchange

Coffee Exchange is a cute little coffee hub inside the Grange food court. Across from OCAD, Coffee Exchange serves up a nice array of different coffee blends. With that, take...

Crepes Club / Restaurants

49 Baldwin St 416.357.5404 Website
Crepes Club

Crepes Club gives Baldwin Village dwellers a fresh array of sweet and savory crepes. With crepe flavours like general tao chicken, red caviar and chicken teriyaki, Crepes Club proves that...

Cubeshops / Design Stores

11 Baldwin St. 416.260.0710 Website

Cubeshops has finally opened and Toronto is better for it. Let me explain.... There are people who travel the world uncovering cool designs. I am not one of those people. Don't...

Eskimo Iced Fruit House / Restaurants

336 Dundas St. West 647.341.0393 Website
Eskimo Iced Fruit House

The Eskimo Iced Fruit House is a recent addition across the street from the AGO. There's a lot more on offer here than just iced fruit. Think all day breakfast,...

Expresso Etc. / Cafes

350 Dundas Street West 647.476.2195
Expresso Etc.

Expresso Etc. is a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon near the AGO. They have an outdoor patio, homemade pastries and a variety of coffee and tea....

FRANK Restaurant / Restaurants

317 Dundas Street West 416.979.6688 Website
FRANK Restaurant

FRANK, unlike my favourite hangover haunts, is where you might take your mother for her birthday brunch. The pristine resto, named for AGO architect-mastermind, Frank Gehry, and nestled inside the...

Fujiyama / Restaurants

49 Baldwin Street 416.596.1913

Fujiyama in Baldwin Village serves sushi, sashimi and other Japanese food. ...

Galerie Lausberg / Galleries

326 Dundas St. West 416.516.4440 Website
Galerie Lausberg

Lausberg Contemporary comes to Toronto by way of Düsseldorf, but in the five years since they opened their first space on Queen Street near Trinity Bellwoods park, their engagement with...

Gallery Sushi / Restaurants

275 Dundas St W 416.597.2580
Gallery Sushi

Gallery Sushi offers some of the cheapest all you can eat sushi in Toronto. But as the ol' adage goes, you get what you pay for. Despite it's student friendly...

Helena's Magic Kitchen / Restaurants

Unit 37, 109 McCaul Street 647.348.2348
Helena's Magic Kitchen

Helena's Magic Kitchen is a landscape of meat pies, quiches and hearty home cooked dishes stretching as far as the eye can see. Despite the dimly lit subterranean feel of...

Hua Sang / Restaurants

45 Baldwin Street 416.260.1638
Hua Sang

Hua Sang in Baldwin Villages serves a variety of Vietnamese and Thai dishes. ...

Karine's / Restaurants

109 McCaul St 416.591.0863 Website

Karine's, a new eatery in the Village on the Grange food court, offers a rare combination of all-day breakfasts and plentiful vegan treats. I'd never been to the restaurant before,...

Kekou Gelato (Baldwin Village) / Restaurants

13 Baldwin St. 416.792.8858 Website
Kekou Gelato (Baldwin Village)

Kekou Gelato House is a little gelateria in Baldwin Village serving up what they call Asian gelato. While the gelato is made just like any other gelato, in the Italian...

Kinton Ramen / Restaurants

51 Baldwin St 647.748.8900 Website
Kinton Ramen

Kinton Ramen opened in Baldwin Village last month, upping Toronto's noodle ante, a food trend that's been all the rage in New York City for a few years now. With...

Konnichiwa / Restaurants

31 Baldwin Street 416.593.8538

I've been meaning to write a review of Konnichiwa since I started here at blogTO. I've lived in Toronto for about 4 years now, and throughout those 4 years I've...

Kowloon Dim Sum Restaurant / Restaurants

5 Baldwin Street 416.977.3773
Kowloon Dim Sum Restaurant

As most people who know me (or regular blogTO readers) can attest to, my love for dim sum (and reviewing dim sum eateries) is bigger than me. Some days,...

Kuni Sushi Ya / Restaurants

20 Baldwin Street 416.260.3188
Kuni Sushi Ya

Kuni Sushi Ya on Baldwin Street is well known for their ongoing all you can eat sushi deal. Their large front patio fills up in the summer months. ...

Light Cafe / Cafes

23 Baldwin St. 647.347.3883 Website
Light Cafe

Light Cafe already has three locations in Taiwan. But Jennifer Wong, along with her partners Jenny Sun, William Tseng and Avan Feng have brought this Taipei-based cafe to Toronto. In...

Mala Express / Restaurants

23 Baldwin Street 647.348.6252
Mala Express

Mala Express is a Baldwin Village eatery serving up Chinese favourites. The menu features pork wonton soup, chongqing noodles, and several beef and chicken based dishes. ...

Margarita's Fiesta Room / Restaurants

14 Baldwin Street 416.977.5525
Margarita's Fiesta Room

Margarita's Fiesta Room in Baldwin Village mixes up a variety of margaritas and Tex-Mex food like guacamole and fajitas. ...

Matahari Bar & Grill / Restaurants

39 Baldwin Street 416.596.2832 Website
Matahari Bar & Grill

Matahari Bar & Grill in Baldwin Village features a mix of Malay, Chinese, Peranakan (nyonya) and Indian cooking. ...

Mean Bao / Restaurants

275 Dundas St. W. 416.850.5616 Website
Mean Bao

Mean Bao (literally: bread/buns in Cantonese) has set up shop in the Village by the Grange food court and has been serving up sandwiches and dumplings since late summer. The...

Midi Bistro / Restaurants

168 McCaul Street 416.977.2929 Website
Midi Bistro

The sequestered cluster of atmospheric restaurants in Baldwin Street Village might offer a plethora of cuisines but one glaring omission is French. A short walk off of this charming street...

Mo'Ramyun / Restaurants

1 Baldwin St. 647.345.5765 Website

[Note: This profile has been edited to reflect the name change of this restaurant.] Mo'Ramyun can be found occupying the space at the corner of Baldwin and McCaul that used to...

ND Sushi & Grill / Restaurants

3 Baldwin St 416.551.6362 Website
ND Sushi & Grill

ND Sushi & Grill is so nondescript that you could easily miss if just passing by the restaurant-rich section of Baldwin Street upon which it's located. But great sushi is...

Noodle Face Co. / Restaurants

41 Baldwin St. 647.761.1355 Website
Noodle Face Co.

Noodle Face Co. added its face to the swelling ranks of Baldwin Village's noodle scene (see Kinton and Ryu's) at the end of last year, but has eschewed the city-wide...

Orange Alert / Cafes

298 Dundas St W 416.591.8965
Orange Alert

Orange Alert sits on the corner of Dundas & McCaul, facing the fancy pants new AGO, and enticing bundled pedestrians off the slush-filled sidewalk with their warm, orange exterior. Their...

Pita Village / Restaurants

109 McCaul Street 416.591.9990
Pita Village

The question of which is the city's best falafel is a contentious one. The last restaurant review I wrote laid out my choice and arguments, but I realized before...

Platito / Restaurants

35 Baldwin St. 647.347.0135

Platito is dishing out Filipino soul food one small plate at a time. The restaurant takes over the two storey Baldwin Village address that was formerly Reforma, and the shortlived...

Ryus Noodle Bar / Restaurants

33 Baldwin St 647.344.9306 Website
Ryus Noodle Bar

Ryus Noodle Bar — a cute little ramen shop that evokes a funkier-side of simple food — is the latest addition to Baldwin Village. Headed up by Ryuchiro "Roy" Takahashi,...

Sage Cafe / Restaurants

166 McCaul Street 416.340.7345 Website
Sage Cafe

Sage Cafe on McCaul Street makes a variety of sandwiches, salads and pasta. ...

Salmon Lovers / Restaurants

294 Dundas St. West 416.591.8697
Salmon Lovers

Salmon Lovers is a small Japanese restaurant on Dundas near McCaul. They offer a wide assortment of bento boxes and rolls, with one of the highlights being the spicy seared...

Sid's Deli / Restaurants

160 McCaul St. 416.260.5156 Website
Sid's Deli

Sid's Deli is named for Sid Starkman - the late president of Chicago 58 Foods, a Toronto institution famous for its Jewish style salami, hot dogs and cured meats. The...

Sin & Redemption / Restaurants

136 McCaul St 416.640.9197 Website
Sin & Redemption

Sin & Redemption is a busy resto lounge capitalizing on the increased foot traffic brought to the area by the AGO, but their beer list reflects their target market, bland...

Sumac Kebab Kitchen / Restaurants

287 Dundas St. West
Sumac Kebab Kitchen

Sumac Kebab Kitchen recently opened next to OCAD at Dundas and McCaul, specializing in - you guessed it - kebabs. The Middle Eastern restaurant, named after the lemony powdered spice...

Thai Paradise / Restaurants

35 Baldwin Street 416.351.1368 Website
Thai Paradise

Thai Paradise in Baldwin Village cooks up a huge variety of thai dishes including vegetarian, seafood, chicken, duck and noodle options. ...

Valens / Restaurants

19 Baldwin St. 416.340.0303 Website

Valens has taken over the Gateways of India space in Baldwin Village. The menu spans regions and continents with dishes representing China, Hungary, Italy and more....

Vegetarian Haven / Restaurants

17 Baldwin Street 416.621.3636 Website
Vegetarian Haven

Vegetarian Haven is a vegan restaurant in Baldwin Village that serves a variety of noodles, salads, wraps and tofu dishes. ...

Village Idiot (Dundas West) / Restaurants

126 McCaul Street 416.597.1175 Website
Village Idiot (Dundas West)

The Village Idiot Pub has been at the corner of McCaul and Dundas for as long as I can remember and is still a popular hang out for OCAD students...

Wafflian / Baked Goods

109 McCaul St. 647.748.5788 Website

The Wafflian Belgian Waffle and Cupcake Bar opened a couple weeks ago as a sweet addition to the Village by the Grange food court. Nestled deep among fast food...

Wah Sing / Restaurants

47 Baldwin Street 416.599.8822
Wah Sing

Wah Sing Seafood Restaurant in Baldwin Village is famous for their two for one lobster specials. ...

WonderWorks / Bookstores

25 Baldwin St 416.323.3131 Website

Wonderworks is a wellness lifestyle store in Baldwin Village. Opened since the 1990's, the shop 'was all' holistic before holistic was even cool. Wonderworks sells a wide variety of books,...

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