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Toronto just matched a weather record that's been in place for 146 years

It's been a balmy few weeks in Toronto — in fact, the weather has been warm enough to earn a place in the record books.

The 16-day stretch culminating in Mother's Day on Sunday marked the first time in almost a century and a half that there have been that many consecutive days with daytime highs hitting 14 degrees C occurring before May 13.

Temperatures peaked at a high of 19 C on Sunday, May 12, marking the 16th day in a row that the mercury has climbed to at least 14 C.

The last time Toronto experienced such a streak of warm weather before May 13 was in 1878, only 46 years after the Town of York became the City of Toronto.

To put this into further perspective, there were only about 80,000 Toronto residents in what was then a comparatively small urban centre the last time the city experienced such a warm spell before this calendar date.

Weather historian Rolf Campbell shared a graphic detailing the new top rankings for the stretch running from April 27 to May 12, dating back to the start of record-keeping for these metrics in 1840.

While this chart does not show the same concerning pattern of weather extremes concentrated into the last few years, another graphic produced by Campbell on Sunday notes how Toronto just experienced its wettest April in almost a century.

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