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Here's why an abandoned-looking plane is being spotted in a Toronto parking lot

If you've been in and around Toronto's Golden Mile district lately, you might've spotted an abandoned-looking plane sitting mysteriously in a parking lot just off Warden Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East. 

In a post to the Weird Toronto Facebook page, one member uploaded a picture of the plane, which was last reported to be located in the abandoned RONA parking lot near the intersection. 

plane toronto

Multiple photos of the plane have surfaced on social media in the past few weeks. Photo: Weird Toronto.

A photo of the mystifying plane was also shared on Reddit, where users came up with their own theories about where the plane — purported to be a Delta Boeing 727 in the "widget" livery — came from. 

"There are a bunch of movie-related businesses in that area, including a lot full of a wide variety of vehicles. This is probably one of theirs," one person wrote. 

In the old Rona lot
byu/zapatista234 inScarborough

"Probably belongs to the people who own the TTC subway train. They have a lot of things that are used for movies like taxis and it's just south of there," another person chimed in. 

In reality, the plane belongs to Picture Vehicle Specialties, a supplier of vehicles and equipment to the film and television industry located near the intersection at 50 Upton Rd.

The fuselage also appears to spend at least some of its time at the nearby address of 15 Upton Rd., based on satellite and Street View images.  

"They were filming What We Do In The Shadows," another person suggested. 

If you happen to be in the area and spot the plane, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's most likely part of a television shoot rather than an unusual aviation incident.  

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