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Here are all the parking ticket changes coming to Toronto this summer

The fines for all types of parking offences in Toronto are increasing vastly in the coming months, just after the standard amount for leaving a car on municipal property jumped from $30 to $75 at the end of last year.

Drivers tempted to risk a fine in order to avoid paying the city's high parking rates in certain circumstances will want to take heed, as they could be slapped with a ticket of more than three times the current amount come summertime.

City Council just approved a long list of proposed changes to the penalties for infractions ranging from briefly stopping in an unsafe area (on a bridge, in a tunnel, beside or near a safety zone) to parking on a sidewalk or in a bike lane.

Municipal code violations with existing fines of $15 to $150 will now climb to $25 at the lowest to $200 at the most, with many at or above the $70 mark.

The steepest charges will be for stopping or parking on a footpath, pedestrian way, bike path, bike lane or cycle track ($200, up from $60-$150); standing in a transit stop zone or parking in a bus zone ($190, up from $150); and standing or stopping on a signed highway during rush hour ($190, up from $150).

Things like parking in a snow route will leap from $60 to $100, while not paying at a marking machine, not displaying payment, exceeding maximum time, and other such offences will rise from $30 to $50.

Some permit parking violations will surge from $30 to $45, while the punishment for parking illegally on boulevards and front yards will be jacked up from $50 to $70.

The full list of more than 100 penalty hikes, which is included in the motion put forth to council on Wednesday, will go into effect on August 1, 2024, along with some other suggested code changes with amendments.

The key argument for their implementation is the fact that ticket amounts in the city have largely stayed the same for many years, and are incongruent with nearby municipalities, according to city staff.

There is also the additional revenue of tens of millions of dollars that will inevitably come with increasing the fines.

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