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Ontario Premier Doug Ford gifted can of gravy after staff's salaries revealed

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was gifted an unusual item when he arrived at Queen's Park on Tuesday, following the release of the annual sunshine list, where it was revealed that 48 of his staff earned above $100,000.

The premier's late brother, former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, famously used the slogan "stop the gravy train" during his 2010 campaign to commit to saving taxpayers' money. 

Ford was reminded of the family phrase when Liberal MPP John Fraser (Ottawa South) sent a small can of mushroom gravy in a black paper bag across the legislature floor prior to the premier's arrival. 

"He didn't quite get it. I had to explain it," Fraser said. "But he should get it and I think he should know because, to my recollection, I think the premier didn't quite invent the gravy train, but he certainly revived it over his career." 

The slogan has been reused by the Ontario Liberals to criticize the Ford government's spending. 

"I did that to remind him that he more than doubled the staff in his office to 48 people who are all on the sunshine list. All of whom make more than the median family income in Ontario," Fraser said. 

"It was important to remind him of his own words," Fraser said. "What's happening in his office and the expansion of his office is the gravy train."

According to the annual sunshine list, the salaries of 48 staff members in the premier's office grew to nearly $7 million in 2023, with each earning over $100,000. 

"Do you not remember what you said about the gravy train? Did you not remember you railed against it. Did you not remember in 2018, you would pick up the sunshine list and talked to the insiders, fat cats? The premier has a short memory," Fraser said.

"Unless he fixes this, I’m going to remind him every day." 

According to the sunshine list, Ford's salary was $208,974 in 2023, the same amount as the year prior. 

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