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Good Samaritan has car stolen after helping man having a 'seizure' on Toronto street

A Good Samaritan who recently stopped their vehicle to assist a man who was having a "seizure" on a Toronto street reportedly had their vehicle stolen during the ordeal, according to a video that was reshared across social media over the weekend. 

The original video is titled "Weston Road Chronicles," and begins by showing several people huddling around an ambulance parked on the street. 

"So you'll never believe what happened. I was driving by and so I seen this man who was on the ground and he looked like he was either like ODing, having a heart attack, whatever it was. These guys are helping him," the person filming explains. 

"So I turned around to come back to help right? I brought the NARCAN (Naloxone)." 

After returning with the opioid antagonist, the filmer says they were told that two men were attempting to push a vehicle off the road, when one of them fell, fainted, and started having a seizure. 

"While all this is happening, they're helping this guy. Somebody came and stole the vehicle of this guy right here," she says, as the camera pans to a man standing by the ambulance. 

"They didn't see it happen because they were literally helping the man on the ground." 

The video, which was quickly reshared across social media platforms across X, resulted in lots of mixed reactions, with many calling the city's crime rate "out of control." 

Over the past few years, Toronto has gained an international reputation for its car theft epidemic. In February, The New York Times even published an article about the city's auto theft problem, titled, "For Car Thieves, Toronto Is a 'Candy Store,' and Drivers Are Fed Up."

According to Toronto Police statistics, the city continues to witness a concerning number of auto theft incidents every year.

In 2023, there were a staggering 12,710 car thefts in Toronto, a jump from 9,785 cases the year prior, with neighbourhoods such as Humber-Clairville, Milliken, and Etobicoke City Centre experiencing the highest rates. 

At a National Summit on Combatting Auto Theft in February, Chief Myron Demkiw expressed his concern for the city's auto theft problem, noting that criminals are "becoming increasingly brazen in their efforts to steal these vehicles and causing residents across Toronto an incredible amount of fear and anxiety."

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