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Thousands of Ford SUVs have been recalled in Canada due to risk of fire

If you drive a Ford SUV, it could be part of a major recall in Canada.

The auto manufacturer stated in an email that it has recalled 2,950 vehicles due to gas leaks that may cause fires.

Affected Ford SUVs include the 2022 to 2023 Bronco Sport and the 2022 Escape with a 1.5L engine.

"Ford's Internal Combustion Engines Propulsion Thermal Systems Engineering (IPTSE) team had identified leaks during component-level injector flow testing on fuel injectors recovered from two Bronco Sport vehicles that had experienced underhood fires," reads the company's recall notice.

According to Ford, a cracked fuel injector in the engine causes fuel to leak at a high rate into the cylinder head, which can then drip down a drain hole onto hot surfaces on the exhaust/turbo system.

Liquid fuel and/or fuel vapour that accumulates near a hot surface, below the combustion initiation flame speed, could ignite, resulting in an underhood fire, explained the company.

If you drive any of the affected cars, Ford says you'll recognize the issue if there's a fuel odour both outside and inside of the car.

"If there is a fire, the customer may notice smoke or flames emanating from the engine
compartment or underbody, or instrument cluster warnings," reads the recall notice.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer explained that Ford isn't aware of any accidents or injuries.

The company also hasn't issued any instructions to stop driving or parking outside.

If you think your vehicle has been affected by the recall, Ford is offering the following repairs:

  • Update the engine control software to detect whether there is a pressure drop in the fuel rail, and, if so, provide a dashboard message to customers to seek service.
  • Additionally, fuel pressure will be reduced to minimize the risk, which will reduce engine power while also allowing customers to drive to safe locations, stop the vehicle and arrange for service
  • Install a tube that drains fuel from the cylinder head and away from hot surfaces
  • Check for excessive fuel odour near the top of the engine, another indicator of a possible issue

This isn't the only recent vehicle recall in Canada. Earlier this month, thousands of Kia SUVs were recalled over a risk of rolling away while parked.

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