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Otherworldly images of Toronto cast in darkness pour in during rare solar eclipse

Eclipse mania swept Toronto on Monday, and thousands gathered in public spaces, balconies, and anywhere with a view of the sky to catch the moment that 99 per cent of the Sun was blacked out by the path of the Moon.

While overcast skies did hamper views of the rare celestial event, there was palpable excitement when the skyline darkened just before 3:20 p.m.

Many took to social media with photos and videos showing how the city looked during these few minutes of darkness.

People shared photos from all across the city from the peak of the eclipse, as the city was cast in darkness in the middle of the afternoon.

Many gathered in places like Queen's Park to take in the spectacle.

Some were underwhelmed by the display, including one traveller in the air over Toronto at the time of the eclipse.

Views of the city skyline looked closer to 8:30 p.m. than the true 3:20 p.m.

Dark skies in the lead-up to the eclipse's peak looked comparable to the moments before a heavy downpour.

One of the hottest spots to view the event was at Riverdale Park East, which, as expected proved a popular vantage point for eclipse-goers.

Though Monday's 99 per cent coverage proved a spectacle, those looking to see a true total solar eclipse cast Toronto into blackness will have to start eating very healthy, as the next opportunity to see Toronto under totality won't occur until 2144, 120 years from now.

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