Dollarama put on blast after Ontario shopper says she was hassled for paying with coins

An Ontario woman has spurred a ton of conversation about Dollarama this week, as well as about the practices of retail chains (and shoppers) in the province in general.

After visiting her local outpost of the discount store in Georgina, the woman took to social media to complain about her interaction, during which she said staff at the store were hesitant to accept coins as a method of payment from her young son.

Though the boy was successfully able to pay for his chosen items with a mix of bills and change taken from his piggy bank, the resident claims that he was "informed by the manager that if he wanted to pay again with change, they wouldn't accept it as a method of payment at this time of day."

The pair had visited the store near close, and were allegedly told that within 25 minutes of closing for the day, the location would not accept coins — which added up to $17, plus a $5 note for a $22 bill — in the future.

"This is shocking to tell a child. He had saved his money and was so excited to spend it," the woman wrote in a post on X in which she also called for a boycott of the brand.

While some of the over 200k people who viewed the post agreed with the customer, others did not and were quick to point out that the store did, in fact, accept the change in the end.

"I actually think it was rude the mom sent a kid in with piggy bank money to go pick items 10 minutes before a store closes. I will only go in a store within 10 minutes of closing if I absolutely need something, and then I’m apologizing to them on the way in, grabbing it as quick as I can and darting out," one person wrote.

She pointed out that in most cases, employees aren't getting paid past the closing time, and have likely already cashed out their machines that near to closing. "Maybe it's adorable to you to have your kid spend their piggy bank money 10 minutes before a store closes, but most people know that would be as annoying af for the employees."

Others felt that if the store isn't happy to take change at certain times, they should post that on the door for customers to understand.

"Does no one understand the definition of customer service? You accept all sales up 'til close, this is your job as a CSR, which is exactly what Dollarama classifies their cashiers as in payroll," one person contended, to which someone reiterated, "Dollarama cashiers are not paid for overtime. This definitely makes cashing out after hours."

Some dismissed it as laziness on behalf of the workers, while others suggested that it is a common and understandable ask for the time. One wondered if not accepting all forms of legal tender during opening hours violates the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Many were conflicted, understanding both sides but ruling with one or the other about whether employees should have to accept all forms of payment right up until closing time, or even later if a customer is still in the store, regardless of when they are paid until.

And, there were many reminders in the replies that the store did in fact accept the money, and didn't turn the customers away.

On the topic, a spokesperson for Dollarama told blogTO that the company "accepts all methods of payments and points-of-sale," and that locations "are expected to remain open through full opening hours to accept all payment options."

"We will follow up with stores in this region to make sure procedure is being followed," they added.

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