cherry blossoms high park

Breathtaking cherry blossoms draw massive crowds to High Park in Toronto

The cherry blossoms in High Park have painted Toronto pink once again, as they embarked on their 2024 bloom over the weekend.

Echoing the massive swings in temperatures and weather as the seasons transition from winter to spring, the blossoms' journey to blooming this year have been riddled with delays, pauses and rapid progression, leading — finally — to the big show.

The official start of the full bloom was announced on Friday, April 19 with a post from the High Park Nature Centre confirming that the blossoms had reached Stage 5 of their bloom.

cherry blossoms high park

Thousands of gawkers visit High Park during cherry blossom season each year.

It seems as though Mother Nature couldn't have planned the timing better if she'd tried, with throngs of excited Toronto residents flocking to the park on their days off from work to get a glimpse at the fleeting spectacle.

Fans of the flowers aren't totally out of the woods when it comes to waiting for weather updates, though. 

cherry blossoms high park

An artist immortalizes the 2024 cherry blossom bloom as a group of onlookers gathers.

According to the High Park Nature Centre, the weather over the coming days will determine how long the delicate blossoms stick around this year, stating that "cool, calm weather can extend the bloom period, while warm, unsettled weather can shorten it."

On the other hand, the behaviour of people within the park can also help contribute to a longer bloom season, or have the potential to cut it short.

cherry blossoms high park

Sakura Watch recommends taking plenty of photos with the trees without disturbing the area around them.

"As much fun as it is to get up close to enjoy the cherry blossoms truly, there are some who take it a bit too far," writes local Sakura expert, Steve, noting that damage can cause insects, disease and death to the trees.

Steve advises any visitors to the park not to break off or shake any branches, climb or sit in the tree and to take in the breathtaking sights without touching or interfering with the tree's environment.

cherry blossoms high park

A family poses for a colourful photo in front of a mature Sakura tree.

According to the High Park Nature Centre, the cherry blossoms have reached peak bloom as of April 22, and should remain in that stage for anywhere between four and 10 days before the cycle wraps up for another year.

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Fareen Karim

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