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Canada just got dazzling new coins worth up to $128K

Canada just got new coins, but you'll need to pay a pretty penny to get them in your wallet.

The Royal Canadian Mint dropped the newest additions to its exclusive "Opulence Collection" on Wednesday.

It includes new pure platinum coins featuring some of the world's rarest precious stones — pink diamonds from the famed Argyle mine.

Coin collectors had the opportunity to acquire one of the two masterpieces named Beauteous and Harmonious.

The coins were unveiled yesterday at the Heffel Fine Art Auction House in Vancouver.

"These dazzling works of numismatic art boldly demonstrate our people's ability and passion for crafting unforgettable collectibles, which are qualities that transcend every coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint," said Marie Lemay, president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint.

The features of these coins will call you broke in every language.

Beauteous is a pure platinum, pink diamond coin that costs a whopping $128,888. It was designed by artist Simon Ng and selectively plated with rose gold.

It features a sunburst arrangement of engraved cherry blossoms on the coin's tail side. They are framed by a larger five-petalled flower formed by an array of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine, with a total carat weight of approximately 2.00.
canadian diamond coinThe cherry blossom theme continues on the head side, featuring a floral pattern, rose gold plating and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. It also showcases four pearls symbolizing the four effigies that have graced Canadian coins and the double date of her reign.
canadian diamond coinHarmonious is the cheaper of the two (if you're Elon Musk), priced at $62,888. Artist Aries Cheung designed the coin using rose gold plating.

The coin's tail side consists of an engraving of a flowering cherry blossom tree emblazoned by pink diamonds from the Argyle mine, with a total carat weight of approximately 1.00.
canadian diamond coinThe head side features a stylized cherry blossom pattern, selective rose gold plating and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.
canadian diamond coin"The diamonds featured in these masterpieces are among the rarest and most sought-after in existence, and we are thrilled to witness their journey into collections around the world," said David Heffel, president of the Heffel Fine Art Auction House.

The creation of both coins was a Canadian affair.

Vancouver's Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd. supplied the diamonds adorning them, and Beverly Hills Jewellers of Richmond Hill, Ontario, manufactured their special settings.

These coins are offered at very low mintages — only 10 of Beauteous available and 25 of Harmonious.

And unfortunately for any wealthy coin collectors out there who are just finding out about them now, they're all sold out.

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Kris Pangilinan

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