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Screeching streetcar tracks have been waking up Toronto neighbourhood for months

For all the constant complaining about public transit service delays and reliability, sometimes even the TTC arriving on time can anger the public.

Residents of Toronto's Beaches Triangle neighbourhood have been frustrated about a screeching streetcar loop at Queen Street East and Kingston Road for months, directing their shared anger at the TTC, City, and the local councillor.

The frequent screeching sound has been an ongoing inconvenience for area residents since at least May, especially during the late night and early morning hours when locals are trying to catch some shut-eye.

Among the area residents speaking out over the constant disturbance, Sabrina Maddeaux, a political columnist for the National Post, has been desperately tweeting at the TTC, City of Toronto, and even local city councillor Brad Bradford seeking an urgent resolution.

"I've been begging @ttchelps, on and offline, for almost two months to help," tweeted Maddeaux on Monday, who was told by the transit agency that "this is normal," but contends that "it's not, I've lived across from the loop for years, and Nothing. Can. Be. Done."

Maddeaux was struggling to get a response at first, but after her complaint started to gain traction on Twitter, Bradford eventually responded, promising that a solution was on the way.

Bradford would later follow up with a commitment from the TTC "to manually greasing the tracks on this loop 3 times per day to reduce the noise while developing a longer-term solution."

"To residents who have been enduring this for too long: please let me know if this helps provide relief," added Bradford.

By Monday evening, the tracks had been greased and the screeching sound had stopped.

Still, Maddeaux vented frustrations on Twitter even after the issue was resolved, saying, "I'd been told for two months the sound was entirely normal and nothing could be done."

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