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Ontario cops add jet engine sound effect to video of cyclist issued $180 ticket

Tensions between cyclists and police in Ontario remain at an all-time high, as evident by a new video posted by the provincial police on Thursday morning. 

The video — which has amassed over 130k views at the time of publication — shows a cyclist failing to stop at a stop sign in a community zone in Caledon. The OPP's Central Region even added a jet engine sound effect to the video as the bike travelled across the street at a high speed. 

Police joked that the vehicle passing by wasn't actually a McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet aircraft, but a bicycle that failed to come to a complete stop. 

The cyclist, who was issued a $180 ticket for not stopping at the sign, allegedly argued that the police officer was "wasting his time." 

Reactions to the video were a mixed bag, with some folks commending the officer for addressing "reckless behaviour," and others who claimed that a pickup truck filmed at the start of the video also didn't come to a complete stop. 

"That's a nice story, unfortunately the widespread application of this law isn't to issue tickets to cyclists. No one was hurt or inconvenienced in that video, how does an officer decide when to issue the ticket?" one person asked

"As someone that was hit and injured while jogging by a cyclist, I thank you @OPP_CR for charging this individual for their reckless behaviour," another person wrote

"$100 on that pickup rolling through the stop sign, but you do you and go after the low-hanging fruit," a contrasting comment reads

After an onslaught of polarizing responses, the OPP reiterated that all road users are expected to drive or ride in a safe and legal manner. 

"This cyclist showed no regard for the stop sign and was justifiably stopped and charged. As were several vehicle operators that same day and location," the police wrote

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Ontario Provincial Police Central Region 

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