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Toronto news unfolds in literal backyard of local news broadcaster

While journalists often travel the globe to chase the world's most breaking stories, it's rare that the news quite literally lands in their own hands — or in this case, their backyard. 

On Wednesday evening, renowned Canadian radio and television broadcaster, John Moore — who is best known for the Moore in Morning show — posted an alarming picture to Twitter which showed a shirtless man being arrested in his backyard. 

The man — who only had underwear and a pair of handcuffs on at the time of his arrest — was surrounded by six officers who were pictured speaking to one another.

It's not exactly clear what led to the man's arrest (or how he found his way into the backyard of one of Toronto's most recognizable radio personalities), but the scene was frightening nonetheless. 

While many comments expressed concern for Moore and his family, others commended the incredible landscaping work in his backyard. 

"I know the guy in the underwear surrounded by cops is the main scene here but I can't get over your flowers! Hope your family is okay," one person wrote.  

"Landscaping crews aren't usually so well armed, but these are strange times," another person joked

"You're on vacation so the news comes to you," a response reads

On Thursday morning, Moore responded to a comment that asked if the incident was bank robbery related. The Newstalk 1010 morning show host revealed that there were "reportedly a number of offences," and luckily, he and his family were not home at the time. 

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