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Couple spotted going at it on crowded Toronto beach and people have thoughts

Love was in the air at Woodbine Beach this weekend, perhaps just a bit too much of it for public display.

A viral video circulating on social media shows a couple engaging in some very inappropriate activities in clear view of beachgoers, including several children.

Just a warning that this video β€” while it does not show any sexual activity in graphic detail β€” is still pretty likely to get you fired if viewed in a workplace, so proceed with caution.

A man recording the incident can be heard narrating the scene as he pans from innocent beachgoers to reveal the couple coiled in coital congress.

"Just a beautiful day at the beach. Oh, what've we got there? Oh, shit, it's a cougar!"

Social media is reacting to the video with a mix of humour and disgust, and commenters are even squabbling over whether or not it was okay to film the couple β€” who evidently wanted to be seen.

Though the pair appear to have brought a towel along to aid in their shenanigans, one response points out the hygienic concerns with this kind of public display.

Other comments took the comedic route. One humorously blamed the economy for the couple's choice to go at it on a crowded beach.

Another reply joked that one of the pair was actually performing a "Horizontal Heimlich manoeuvre," adding, "Get your head out of the gutter people, man be saving lives!"

All jokes aside, the couple appears to be in violation of sections 173 (indecent acts) and 174 (nudity) of the Criminal Code.

If charged under section 173, the couple could face up to two years imprisonment for indecent acts, and two years with a minimum of 90 days imprisonment for exposure, as the act was performed within view of persons under 16 years of age.

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