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Someone redesigned the Gong signs littering Toronto

If you've been outside at all during the past few weeks, there's a high probability that you've encountered endless streams of poorly positioned signs for hopeful Toronto mayoral candidate, Gong Xiao Hua

The bright blue and yellow campaign signs have been popping up in excessive quantities along major corridors all over the city, and have even occupied ad spaces on TTC buses and Yonge-Dundas Square

Many have called the clusters of campaign signs an outright "eye sore" and criticized Gong for littering the city's streets, as well as creating potential road hazards. 

Brand marketing agency, Senta Marketing, recently embarked on an experiment to see if they could make the poorly-designed signs any less annoying. 

gong xiao hua"Among the sea of poorly designed signs, Gong Xiao Hua's campaign takes the crown for being the most annoying in both design and quantity," the agency wrote

gong xiao hua"Most of these signs are an absolute visual disaster. It's like a bad art project gone terribly wrong. With our firm belief in the transformative power of good design, we are determined to 'rescue Toronto' from badly designed signs." 

gong xiao huaInstead of its current basic design, the agency opted for a clean and modern approach, "utilizing vibrant colours and typography that exudes professionalism and a sense of trust." 

The agency also designed campaign merchandise with the new sleek design, ranging from t-shirts, to bucket hats and phone cases. 

gong xiao huaWhile it's a vast improvement from the original design, many critics — who continue to criticize Gong for his heavy spending campaign — have asked how the candidate plans to discard all of the signs once the election is over. 

gong xiao huaAlso, with a campaign that's seemingly operating on pure exposure, people have naturally tapped into Gong's past and uncovered several questionable details

In 2021, the businessman — who is also known as Edward Gong — was forced to forfeit over $60 million and a property in Auckland to the New Zealand government after his alleged involvement in a pyramid scheme in China and Canada.

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